IMVU basics tutorial series for Blender 2.8+

Blender 2.8+ Basics for IMVU

What’s this about? An unofficial (not affiliated with IMVU) series of example-led video tutorials based on practical guidance. You’ll learn about the things you need to know as you progress, when they are needed, so you won’t be overwhelmed with information not immediately useful or usable for the task at hand!. Make poses, accessories, clothing, furniture and more for IMVU using Blender 2.8+.

What’s needed? Blender 2.8 (download here). Compatible IMVU Starter Files. IMVU Creator Status.

Do I need to be a member: some content/features may require membership (free).

What if I need help? Questions/requests are welcome, post in comments below each video where appropriate.

Can I get 1 to 1 help? For a specifically tailored learning experience, personal mentorship or other direct teaching, contact to check availability (premium services may be subject to fees).

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IMVU 101 – Introduction

Blender 2.8+ for IMVU basics
Blender 2.8+ for IMVU basics: class 101, 102 and 103.

  • 101 : Download & Install Blender 2.8+

    Description: downloading and installing Blender 2.8 (Windows PC).
    Duration: c. 02:00 mins.
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  • 102 : First Look & Use

    Description: an introduction to Blender 2.8+ and the basics needed for use.
    Duration: c. 03:00 mins.
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  • 103 : Starter Files

    Description: a brief look at the Starter Files used to make IMVU products.
    Duration: c. 03:00 mins.
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IMVU 201 – Creating

Members Only: The following content is for members only. Sign up free here or sign in.

Blender 2.8+ for IMVU basics
Blender 2.8+ for IMVU basics: class 201, 202 and [coming soon].

  • 201: Blender 2.8+ Overview Recap

    Description: a short recap of the interface and navigation basics for Blender 2.8+.
    Duration: c. 5 mins.
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  • 202: Make a Pose

    Description: using the avatar pose Starter Files to make a pose and import into IMVU.
    Duration: c. 20 mins.
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  • 203: Make an Animated Pose

    Description: making an animated avatar pose using the Pose starter file.
    Duration: c. 30 mins.
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  • 204: Make a Hat Accessory

    Description: [coming soon]
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Who is KatsBits/jazzKat? Basically, and not to toot jazz’s horn with too much of a hint of modernity, jazzKat is the founding avatar of the Blender 3D community within IMVU, every Creator who uses Blender to make products for IMVU can trace a lineage to his founding documents, example files, tutorials, individual help, community support, project fixes, back in the olden days of bobble heads, big hands and feet. More recently jazzKat worked with IMVU to help bring FBX to the Creator Tools, and wrote the official Blender tutorials collected together in IMVU’s Official Creator Education Center.

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