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KatsBits (previously Quake3Bits), is for anyone interested in making content for games or making games and interactive products. The site has tutorials, resources and information not found elsewhere. Learn the ‘how’, and more important to the budding developer, the ‘why’ things are done the way they are, ‘principles’ rather than ‘particulars’. This includes information on making and optimising 3D models and meshes, texture making, general game development hints and tips and a host of other things related to asset and content creation.

Game & Media Development Consulting

Businesses looking for advice on realising their ideas into the virtual world space (‘Metaverse’) and/or 3D generally, frequently get in touch to take advantage of a unique degree of expertise exclusively available to assist in making their web3D experiences a reality.

Previous consultations have included the likes of: IMVU, Complex Games, GolVision, Frenzoo, Splitz Acez, FireStaff PC… and others.

For more information about development consulting services available to clients see below on how to get in touch.

KatsBits has been a regular Technical Reviewer, both full (credited) and partial (uncredited), on the following Blender 3D manuals, books and training materials;

So why the change from Quake3Bits to KatsBits?

When Quake3Bits.com was originally set up, it was within the content of creating content and editing games based on id Software technologies, Quake 3 (now know under the moniker "idTech3") in particular. Over time, and as a natural occurrence associated with editing game content, many other none Quake or idTech based subjects were covered. To reflect this growing change in what turned out to be a ‘direction’, the sites name was changed to "KatsBits.com" in 2007. And here we are today, a content creation site catering to all manner of production with a focus on Blender but covering many other topics and subjects related to games. Welcome!

Getting in touch

Business enquiries should be made by e-mailing business@katsbits.com or through Skype as "katsbits".

For copyright or DMCA enquiries contact dmca@katsbits.com or copyright@katsbits.com.

All other enquires should be directed to KatsBits forums by posting a message – to save time search the Internet thoroughly before contacting KatsBits as most questions have already been answered, and/or have as much information to hand about your problem before doing so.

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