Hello there. You’ve likely arrived on this DMCA FAQ page after clicking a link or badge looking to see what this "DMCA" lark is all about. You’ve come to the right place. This page will get you started with a few links and lots of information, and there is a lot to read on the subject, on DMCA, what it is, what to look for to identify scams and more.

If you’re need to find out what it is, read on…

BEWARE of "DMCA Protected" scams and services
misrepresenting what DMCA can actually do for you

  • DMCA itself is FREE.
  • DMCA Notices are legal documents.
  • DMCA Notices can be "Do It Yourself" filed & submitted.
  • DMCA is a safeguard against continued infringement.
  • Using DMCA ‘agents’ or ‘protection’ services is optional.
  • Consult DMCA versed Legal Council where-ever possible.

What DMCA does not do

  • DMCA does not prevent theft.
  • DMCA does not protect work.
  • DMCA does not prove ownership.
  • DMCA does not prove veracity of a claim.

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Important Disclaimer

DMCA is a LEGAL PROCEDURE so it is highly recommended advice be sought from an appropriately qualified DMCA or Copyright Lawyer, Solicitor or other Legal Representative. All information pertaining to DMCA available on KatsBits is provided for reference purposes only and should not be construed or interpreted as legal advice, nor replace informed due-diligence. In addition note that whilst general DMCA questions can be asked, KatsBits is not an appropriate channel through which the merits of individual DMCA claims should be sought, that would be reserved for legal council.

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