[Unity] Fantasy asset pack for maps, levels, environments

July 20, 2018, 09:01:44 PM by kat

Now available in Unity Asset Store

NEW! Fantasy environment asset-pack for Unity. Includes 120+ tiling meshes optimised to use less than a dozen core Materials (stone themed diffuse, normal, specular). Built to snap to Unity's 1m/unit grid. Meshes stand 2m/u high (flexible default). Various widths, typically x1, x2 ,x4. Click here for details!.

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EU Directive on Copyright - Article 11 (link tax) & Article 13 (content filter)

June 25, 2018, 10:51:48 PM by kat
[UPDATE 5th July 2018] EU Parliament rejected the Copyright Reform bill in its current form, putting it up for review in September. This means the legislation will likely be amended to make it less contentious, especially in regards to Article 11 and 13.
Parliament’s plenary voted by 318 votes to 278, with 31 abstentions to reject the negotiating mandate, proposed by the Legal Affairs Committee on 20 June. As a result, Parliament’s position will now be up for debate, amendment, and a vote during the next plenary session, in September.

For more information on the recently passed Eu Directive on copyright reform that affects all EU members states, see the following on #Article 13, the content filter requirement that obligates service providers filter and block content deemed to be infringing copyright. And #Article 11, referred to as the 'link tax', the licencing of linking.

- Article 11 as introduced | Article 11 as finalised and voted on.
- Article 13 as introduced | Article 13 as finalised and voted on.

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General Data Protection Regulation and your consent to use a site or service

May 21, 2018, 01:31:50 PM by kat

In the coming weeks many online sites and services based in the Europe (and optionally elsewhere) will be emailing various notification of consent messages, or provide updated cookie consent pop-ups online, so as to be in compliance with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (come into effect 25 May), required to be issued for visitors (continued) use of a site or service.

It's not exactly clear how this affects forums and other community or participatory services like KatsBits because the regulations carry the implication that if consent is not given, any content, user accounts or other material must be removed with immediate effect (because consent for its continued use has not been/is no longer given). Needless to say the consequences of having to do this where more than one person is involved in a conversation potentially means/implies all associated content need be removed (and likely permanently deleted), which then obviously breaks context and continuity, of particular importance for technical support, fixing issues and getting appropriate degrees of community assistance.

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