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Learn Blender

Looking for simple exercises to help learn Blender? Tutorials to help with personal or education learning? Listed below is a collection of tutorials specifically tailored towards those completely new to Blender, Beginners, or those who have tinkered with the application but never got further, geared towards demonstrating principles and techniques, the basics of problem solving that is meshing in 3D.

Source files: check each tutorial for *.blend & accompanying assets.

What’s needed:
Blender 2.80 minimum (any “LTS” – Long Term Support – version is preferred).
– Image Editor of choice.

Do I need to be a member: generally speaking no but some features may require membership (free – indicated where required).

What if I need help: Questions/requests are welcome, post in comments below each video/tutorial where appropriate (comments are moderated).

Can I get 1 to 1 help: For an individually tailored learning experience, personal mentorship or other direct teaching, contact to check availability (may be subject to fees).

Education: For questions or advice on using tutorials or accompanying material in a classroom or educational setting contact

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