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Cookies, Privacy & Identifiability

KatsBits uses a number of applications written by third party persons or companies which make use of ‘cookies’, small text files containing basic usage information stored temporarily via your web browser on your computer. These files help with the functionality of much of the site and whilst they can be removed, doing so may mean certain functions and features become unusable or unavailable.

For more information about cookies visit the Wiki Page on the subject.

How KatsBits uses Cookies

The applications on KatsBits tend to use cookies to monitor activity, mainly to check where you are on the site and what the site is doing relative to your visit. Cookies are also used for general ‘site statistics’ – where visitors are from, what pages are popular and so on – helpful for content and demographic measurement. With respect to Advertising, although KatsBits does not as a rule carry third party offsite advertising, it may from time-to-time appear and in doing so a cookie may be associated with that format.

At all times, cookie data is temporary in nature and is either deleted after use, after a certain period has elapsed, or can be easily removed by clearing your browser cache. For more information about the removal of cookies visit

Your Privacy

  • Cookies used on this site do not contain personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Cookie data cannot be used to identify you as a living breathing person.
  • Data also tends to be anonymous and ‘statistically’ general in nature.
  • KatsBits does not harvest, or solicit for harvesting, emails or other contact details.
  • KatsBits does not sell any email address and/or contact details to any third parties^.
  • Contact details used for comments and/or account access is kept strictly private*.
  • Your privacy is very important to us and respected at all times*.

^ Unless otherwise required for Legal reasons through the action of a Court issued Warrant.
* Unless otherwise posted by the user.

What does KatsBits use

Cookies are used for the following services/functions;

Cookie name 3rd Party Offsite General Purpose
Google Analytics
Yes Used to monitor visitors activity across the site for demographic purposed – country of origin, pages visited, time spent etc. Site wide usage. For more details visit Google. Alternatively read how to ‘OptOut’ here.
StatCounter Yes Used to monitor visitors activity across the site for demographic purposed – country of origin, pages visited, time spent etc. Site wide usage. For more details visit StatCounter.
KatsBits No Used for general site access. Application specific usage. Cookie data can be found by searching clearing browser cache or specifically for "KatsBits".
Social Media Yes Please refer to FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Disqus Discord, Instagram and other service providers for specific details.

Mail communication and privacy

Email and/or comments sent to via the contact form or using the general contact e-mail address for the site – – are private, confidential and kept in the strictest confidence. does not knowingly engage in spam of any kind, if you find you are in receipt of some purporting to be from KatsBits that you have not explicitly signed up for them it’s likely a ‘spoofed’ email and can be safely deleted. If you experience problems or have comments or questions about this privacy policy, send them to

Last updated Dec 2023

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