Advertising Terms & Conditions for Paid Content Placement or Inclusion across KatsBits Services


To protect the value of the KatsBits brand we’re mindful of anything that could be construed as misleading, or in any way seen as ‘tricking’ site visitors into doing something they wouldn’t otherwise do, in keeping with the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) guidelines, law and regulations regards online advertising and its being "transparent", "honest" and "truthful".

KatsBits is also mindful of implying either directly or indirectly, any sort of, or form of ‘binding’ co-operative responsibility between ourselves and content providers where one doesn’t, in actuality, exist. This is so as to protect both parties from potential ‘joint’ litigation; Content Providers have nothing to do with KatsBits, KatsBits have nothing to do with Content Providers, there are no business relationships present extra-agreement; that is, the ‘relationship’ between a Content Providers business and KatsBits business is simply one of provision and use of ‘a service’ – ‘paid inclusion’ on the KatsBits properties (for example, copy ‘placement’ being a service available on KatsBits).

General Terms

  1. Paid content and paid inclusion

    1. By default, paid content, commercial links and/or advertisements placed on are done so under a non-exclusive first-come, first-served basis, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
    2. By default, copy is accompanied by a ‘label’ (for example "Your link here?" or "Advertise", "Advertise with us", "Sponsored Link" or other appropriate text) facilitating accessibility to advertising service information in keeping with the ASA guidelines regarding the presentation of content in a "transparent", "truthful", and "honest" manner. Compliance with this requirement is non-negotiable
      1. Where ever possible, misleading copy that could be construed as being something it’s not, for example, labeling placed content as being the material or content belonging to or giving the impression of belonging to a ‘Friends’, ‘Partners’ or other similarly worded text, in lieu of copy outlined in 1:2 above or other appropriate copy, will not be used where that use could be construed or otherwise interpreted as implying the presence of any type of, or form of, relationship above and beyond that of simple informal paid content inclusion agreement between Content Providers and KatsBits.
      2. Copy used for this labeling placed content will be contextual in nature and not be created, altered, edited or in any other way manipulated so as to unduly influence the effectiveness of placed copy or to mislead as to the function and/or legitimacy of placed content. Labels will also be in a form that doesn’t imply any shape, form or type of relationship presence other than described in this document.
  2. Placement

    1. Individual page placement: copy is placed on individual pages – whether single or multiple individual pages – within available space between site/page content zone; copy placed in such fashion is only visible on specifically placed pages.
      1. Copy placement is made by default into freely available ‘white space’ areas with zones unless otherwise agreed in writing.
    2. Whole site placement: copy is placed in zones that automatically apply links over entire site, for example, the ‘footer’ or ‘navigation’ zones at the bottom or right hand side of each page, this may be within an ‘iframe’ or ‘include’ as or where appropriate.
      1. Content is placed by default on a first come first served basis, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
    3. Non-exclusive copy is placed in whatever ‘white space’ is freely available, placed on a first come, first served basis.
      1. Where appropriate non-exclusive copy may be placed alongside other independent third party providers, listed, displayed or shown as befits available space and positioning.
    4. KatsBits reserves the right to place copy where ever and as appropriate, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
    5. No guaranty is offered, provided, implied, either directly or in-directly of reciprocal or beneficial activity of any sort – advertising is placed solely at the advertisers risk.
    6. Links are accompanied with ‘rel=nofollow‘ unless otherwise agreed (additional fees may apply).
  3. Application

    1. The terms in this document are applicable to both "exclusive" and "non-exclusive" copy, paid link and advertisement content.
  4. Payment

    1. Payment must be made in full or as agreed within 48 hours of copy being placed and notification sent. Failure to do so will result in copy being removed with possible forfeiture of placement position and priority.
  5. Termination

    1. Terms of service exist to the extent that is agreed in writing. Service provision shall expire at such time as service provision agreement period has ended.

      1. On expiration of service provision, content shall be removed within 48 hours, subject to notification, agreement or renewal of service.
    2. Terms outlined in this document are applicable only so long as property is available.

      1. If for any reason, in the event that applicable property becomes unavailable, any and all agreements with regards to the provision of services will be automatically null and void. KatsBits may not be held liable for any losses due to unavailability of property on third party content providers.
    3. KatsBits may not be held accountable for any losses incurred as a results of loss of service for whatever reason.
  6. Refunds

    1. Cancellation or refund requests should be made within the initial 48 hours of placement notification, failure to do so may subject requests to late cancellation fees.
    2. Cancellations and refunds are subject to a 25% administrative cancellation fee deducted from any funds returned or refunded regardless or irrespective as to when cancellation process was initiated.
    3. KatsBits reserves the right to withhold payment in lieu of fees and or penalties due.
    4. In the event that, if for any reason, applicable property becomes unavailable, refunds or reimbursements will not be issued. KatsBits may not be held liable for losses incurred by third party content providers as a result.
  7. E&OE

    1. KatsBits makes no explicit guaranty of service provision or functionality and may not be held liable in the event that such services are terminated, for whatever reason.
    2. KatsBits reserves the right to update, change or in any other way modify the above without notice and for any reason. E&OE.

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