IMVU 202 – Poses in Blender 2.8

Description : With the basics of using Blender 2.8+ covered we can now move on to actually making something, a static avatar Pose! Starting with the (female, although male can be used the same way) Avatar Pose Starter File, we use what’s been learned so far to make a static pose that’s then exported from Blender 2.8+ using FBX, itself then imported into an IMVU Create mode Editor using their inbuilt FBX importer and converter tools.

Duration : c. 20:00 minutes
Info : *.mp4 | 1080p | c.140 MB.
Project file : not worthy pose (2) (zip c.1 MB – *.blend + *.fbx).

Learning to use Blender 2.8 to make products for IMVU starting with (static) Poses.

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