IMVU 208 – Hair (clothing)

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In this IMVU Basics we take a look at using the Clothing Starter File for Blender (female used but male works just as well) to make articulating hair that deforms with the avatars (upper) body (body-part) rather than just the head (accessory). Using the clothing file as the basis of the project, a mesh is built up around the avatar incrementally, detail being added as the shape is refined. This is then UV mapped and Weight Painted to the avatars armature so it articulates before being exported as an FBX file for IMVU, imported and assembled ready for use.

Download: Starter Files for this exercise.
Avatar Starter File | c. 8 MB.
Alternative Clothing Starter Files (cf. more info below) | c. 2 MB.

Important: hair can be made in two ways; as an accessory (using the Accessory Starter File) or a body-part (using the Clothing Starter File). As an accessory hair is linked to and moves with the avatars head only. As a body part hair can be associated with different areas of the entire body, depending on the hairs design, and will deform and articulate as the avatar moves.

Duration : c. 02:20:00 mins (2 hrs 20 mins).
Info : *.mp4 | 1080p | c.800 MB.
Project file : KatsBits – Hair (zip c.2.5 MB – *.blend, *.fbx, *.tga, *.png).
Product ID : 48600567.


Times are approximate;
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Design note: see links below for more on topics shown in the video;
Setting up left or right mouse click.
What is Mesh Smoothing?.
The basics of Blender.
Material basics, using Nodes in Blender.
IMVU compliant material names.

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