Make Socks for IMVU

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Making a a pair of socks for IMVU using Blender 2.8+ and the Clothing Starter File.

Duration : c. 40:00 mins.

Suitable for : Beginners.

Timestamps: times are approximate;
• 00:00 – Mesh Editing
• 20:30 UV Unwrapping (Seams) & Materials
• 26:00 Weight Painting/Vertex Groups
• 33:30 – FBX Export & Assembly

Info : *.mp4 | 720p | c.200 MB.
Project file : (not available for this project).
Product ID : 48503384.

Description : For this task we load in the Clothing Starter File (female in this example but male will also do) and place a Cube primitive from which a pair of socks will be made. The cube will be shaped in Edit Mode using the avatars foot as a guide (sock is modeled with more realistic proportions). Once one sock is made its assigned a Material, UV unwrapped and textured before duplication and Weight Painting to the avatars Armature. Once everything is set up both meshes, left and right, are prepared and export to FBX before then being imported and assembled in IMVU.

Design note: see links below for more on topics shown in the video;
Setting up left or right mouse click.
What is Mesh Smoothing?.
The basics of Blender 2.8+.
Material basics, using Nodes in Blender 2.8+.
IMVU compliant material names.

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