Magic Book Exercise for IMVU

Table of Contents

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Learn how to make custom products for IMVU using Blender 2.8+. In this exercise we learn about different products by making a simple ‘book’ mesh that is then used to create a number of basic types of product, an Accessory, a Furniture item and accompanying Poses. Suitable for beginners

Design note: installing Blender for the first time? See here.

Download: click here for the Accessory, Furniture and Pose Start Files.

In the first video we take a look at making a ‘book’ mesh by shaping the default cube in Object Mode, then making some simple edits in Edit Mode to add ‘cover’ and ‘page’ details. A basic material is then assigned and mesh UV unwrapped and mapped with an image before being turned into an Accessory item.

In the second video we look at using the exact same mesh used for the Accessory item and turning it into a standard furniture item (no seat) before adding a standard avatar spot placed using the Furniture Starter File included ‘dummy’ seat elements, and then simple custom pose spot using the same base elements brought into the Pose Starter File.

In the third video we continue the theme using the original magic book mesh and this time create an ‘accessory pose’ item, a mesh (accessory) that includes an avatar pose when used. For this again the avatar Pose Starter File is used to position the item and create the necessary pose.

Duration : total c. 2 hrs 30 mins (02:30:00).
Info : 1080p | Total c. 700 MB.
Project file : KatsBits – (zip c. 8 MB – *.blend, *.fbx, *.png, *.bmp).
Product ID: accessory (50654146), furniture (50656209), furniture + standard seat (50656358), furniture + custom seat (50656429), accessory + pose (50656536).

Design note: see links below for more on topics shown in the video;
Setting up left or right mouse click.
What is Mesh Smoothing?.
The basics of Blender 2.8.
Material basics, using Nodes in Blender 2.8.
IMVU compliant material names.

Time Stamps

Times are approximate (YouTube videos included above shown chapter/timestamp markers in the timeline highlighting the sections outlined below).
Video I : Meshing – c. 55 mins (55:00).
– 00:00 : Overview & Start.
– 15:00 : Materials, UV Seams & UV Maps.
– 30:00 : Accessory prep & FBX export.
– 42:30 : IMVU Import & Assembly.

Video II : Furniture – c. 55 mins (55:00).
– 00:00 : Overview & Start.
– 16:00 : FBX Export & Assembly.
– 20:00 : Add Seating.
– 23:30 : FBX Export & Assembly.
– 29:00 : Add Custom Pose.
– 45:00 : FBX Export & Assembly.

Video III : Poses – c. 25 mins (25:00).
– 00:00 : Overview & Start.
– 08:00 : Armature Posing.
– 16:00 : FBX Export & Assembly.

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