IMVU Studio Toolkit – Furniture + Custom Pose

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In this exercise we take a look at making a simple furniture item with a custom pose using IMVU Studio Toolkit. Using the Furniture Tool a simple furniture item is created and set up with a custom seat node. This is positioned where it needs to be and labelled to accommodate a custom pose. Once saved the mesh and node are imported into an Animation Tool project using Append, and avatar posed around the mesh using the seat node as a target reference. Both parts of the project are then exported to FBX, then imported and assembled in IMVU Studio.

Duration: total c. 25 mins (00:25:00).
Info: 1080p.
Suitability: Beginner+.
Source: KatsBits – Toolkit Furniture Custom Pose (1 MB, *.blend, *.fbx). Requires installation of the toolkit for Blender. Open in Blender 2.93 LTS or above.
Product ID: Toolkit Furniture + Custom Pose (PID 60813762).

Design note: an alternative to manually (re)naming custom seat nodes in Object Properties or the Outliner is to use the Custom button in the Toolkit. Here, type the label or word that’s to be appended to the node in the Name a Custom Seat input field [1] then click the button titled Custom below [2]. A seat node set comprising seat[n].[label], Catcher[n].[label], Pitcher[n].[label] and Handle[n], will immediately appear in the scene based on the 3D Cursors location, which can then be manipulated as normal [3].

Custom Seat Node
As an alternative to manually renaming the seat node the Toolkit can be used typing a label [1] then clicking the Custom [2] button to add the node set [3].

Animation Import

Generally speaking unless the furniture item itself is animated only seat nodes and mesh data are needed to create the pose [4]. If animation is to be included they will be brought in automatically when the appropriate Object data (mesh) is appended (animation data does not necessarily need to be imported directly).

Append relevant data
When appending only bring in components necessary for posing the avatar [4], exclude Catcher, Pitcher and Handle nodes.

Important: During FBX import and project assembly in IMVU Studio an “Unable to load scene for project [derivation PID]” may appear. If this happens click Cancel and return to the project where the assets should be available and listed in the Assets panel. If they are present, before assembly move the avatar to another seat node in the room – the custom node being set-up should be unoccupied – then assembled the product as normal.

Studio import error
When importing or assembling the furniture and pose FBX files IMVU Studio may display an error. Cancel this and return to the project where the imported data should be available for assembly.

Pose Mode

The animation tool requires the animation rig, the wireframe objects and shapes, to be in Pose Mode. When initially selecting the rig if it highlights orange this indicates its in Object Mode not Pose Mode. To switch, ensure the rig is selected, then from the Interaction Mode selector, click Pose Mode. The rig will changes its appearance, different parts changing colour, indicating they can be selected, moved and posed for sequence creation.

Make sure to be in Pose Mode when using the Animation Tool.


Times are approximate;
– 00:00 : Furniture Setup
– 07:00 : Custom Seat & Append
– 13:00 : Custom Pose
– 21:00 : FBX Export & Assembly

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