Paint Minecraft Tall Grass (+Alpha) in Blender

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In this exercise we walk through in real time, the process of painting a Minecraft style tall grass image texture with alpha transparency using Blenders Texture Paint workspace and tools. The default Cube is first replaced by a Plain and the previously assigned material edited to accommodate transparency. The new object is UV unwrapped and UV mapped (new objects don’t include UVs by default), before painting can then begin using Texture Paint workspace and tools.

Duration: total c. 25 mins (00:25:00).
Info: 1080p.
Suitability: Beginner+.
Source: KatsBits – Minecraft Tall Grass (c. 200 KB, *.blend, *.png).
Product ID: n/a.

Design note: additional information to keep in mind when painting Minecraft style textures in Blender that should use alpha transparency;

Object Scale

It’s not strictly necessary to replace the default Cube as the object is simply a placeholder/preview object for showing progress. For another Minecraft style grass texture, where is it being swapped out, it can be replaced by a PlainAdd » Mesh » Plain – that can then be proportionally rescaled to better fit the dimensions of the texture, that being double the width, or twice the height of standard Minecraft style textures at 32 x 16 pixels, so an object scaled or resized to 4 m x 2 m (use Sidebar [1] or Object Properties [2] for this).

Object Scale in Blender
To aid texture painting, rescale the Plain by changing its Dimensions [1] (SideBar) or its Scale [2] (SideBar or Object Properties).

Backface Culling etc.

The existing material that initially assigned to the Cube can be edited rather than a new one created. Ensure Backface Culling [3] is enabled along with Blend Mode being set to Alpha Clip [4], and Texture Interpolation set to Closest (for image pixellation). An Image Texture node is dropped in and a 16 x 32 image created – tall grass is double the height of standard textures.

Transparency settings
This can be done at any time but to see transparent progress in real-time, enable Backface Culling [3] and set Alpha Clip. Ensure Closest is the active image interpolation.


Times are approximate;
– 00:00 : Overview & Scene Setup
– 01:00 : Material Setup
– 05:00 : UV Setup
– 07:00 : Texture Paint & Save
– 12:00 : Alpha Paint & Save
– 23:00 : Grass Cards

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