Info Editor (Scene information)

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Important: as Blender 2.8 is still in development the following may be subject to change.

For Blender 2.8 the Info Editor, the area that previously ran across the very top of the application, has been removed and contents reorganised to emphasise various context sensitive Workspace tabs and application menu options. Missing from the redesigned upper area of Blender 2.8 is the Scene Information section that displayed data relating to objects being edited (Edit Mode) or the contents of a Scene (Object Mode). This data is now shown to the right side of the new Status Bar that runs along the bottom of the application.

Design note: the Info Editor itself was largely an empty area (see below) except for the Header which held scene information and various application menus that, although no longer shown within a distinct area, are still available, largely reorganised to make better contextual sense in relation to prioritising Workspace tabs.

The Status Bar now houses all the data previously displayed in the Info Editor
The information about a scene or selected object that used to be displayed in the Info Editor that ran across the top of Blender has been moved to the right of the Status Bar.

Scene Information

Depending on the active Interaction Mode, Edit Mode, Object Mode, Weight Paint etc., the data shown in the Scene Information section may differ; in Edit Mode for example the values displayed relate to the object being edited, i.e. a subdivided Cube, and the number of elements selected, e.g. 8 faces from a total of 384, displayed as Faces 8/384 and so on;

object | vertices | edges | faces | triangles | memory | Blender version

In Object Mode the information displayed relates to the overall Scene, all the available objects within it (meshes, Lamps, Empties etc.);

object | vertices | faces | triangles | scene objects | memory | Blender version

Scene Information changes slightly depending on the active Interaction Mode
Scene Information changes depending on the active Interaction Mode; in Edit Mode the data shown will related to the number of faces the object might have versus the number selected whereas in Object Mode will display similar information but relating to all objects in a given Scene.

Info Editor Text Output

Although the Info editor has been reorganised, the relevant scene data and information stripped out and displayed elsewhere, it still exists as a dedicated area from where the internal output Blender generates as it works is still accessible. To view this content click the Editor Type button of an available editor/area (typically far left-side of an areas Header) and select Info from the options (itemised in the Scripting options). The selected view will change showing current output.

Design note: the Info editor is not a fully capable editor so functionality is largely limited to line selections (A, Alt + A etc.) and copying the output.

The Info editor has limited capabilities
The Info editor has limited capabilities as its largely to monitor Blenders internal workings.

The Info editors text output
The text output that used to be visible when the Info editor was expanded is now shown exclusively in the Info area. To view, select the editor from the list of available options clicking the Editor Type button of any area/editor.

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