IMVU Studio Toolkit – Installing

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The IMVU Studio Toolkit is a suite of tools that can be used to make custom content for IMVU using Blender 2.93 LTS and newer versions (currently 3.x). Different tools allow for the creation of Rooms, Furniture, Accessories (Attachments), Clothing and Poses (Animation). The information below walks through the basics of using the tool to make different types of content for IMVU in Blender and IMVU Studio (for publishing).

Important: DO NOT EXTRACT the contents of IMVU-Studio-Toolkit-Blender2.9LTS-[n].zip, the Toolkit file, it needs to be installed into Blender intact and complete.

Download: IMVU Studio Toolkit for Blender 2.93 LTS or newer*

*Important: using newer versions of Blender may subject projects to issues with backwards compatibility where newer files won’t open in older versions of the application, e.g. a project saved in Blender 3.0 may be subject to data loss or corruption when opened in Blender 2.93 etc..

Design note: to use the IMVU Studio Toolkit effectively make sure to start each project from a ‘clean’ scene, i.e. File [1] » New » General [2], as this allows to the various helpers to load into Blender correctly.

Start from a 'clean' file
Always start a Toolkit project from a clean file to ensure the starter components load correctly.

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