IMVU 203 – Animated Poses in Blender 2.8+

Description : Reviewing the static pose from the previous video (IMVU 202) we move on to creating an animated avatar pose using some of the same principles. Again using the Avatar Pose Starter File (female, although male can be used the same way), we create a sequence in the Action Editor and then export the result to FBX from Blender 2.8+, which is then imported into an IMVU where an action is added to accommodate the new pose. In the short follow-up, the animation is slowed down by altering the sequence length.

Duration : c. 30:00 mins | c. 05:00 mins (pt 2).
Info : *.mp4 | 1080p | c.240 MB.
Project file : katsbits – not worthy animated pose (zip c.1 MB – *.blend + *.fbx).

Making an Animated Avatar Pose in Blender 2.8 using the Pose Starter File.

A short follow up showing how the animation can be slowed down by adjusting the sequence.

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