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A set of game-ready lettered tiles that include collision. Each tile consists a visible lettered & numbered game-mesh plus non-visible collision child object (parented to game mesh). Each object has an origin located centre-mass – tiles can be offset from this point by the same value, either side. Tile set is organised for visibility, each needing to be ‘reset’ to 0,0,0 (and/or offset) depending on usage.

Mesh Info: 200 pieces – 100 tile + 100 collision.
Material Info: 4096 x 4096 pixels.
Tile – Diffuse, Specular, Normal.
Text – Diffuse, Specular, Normal (+ optional Opacity).
Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 0.4 (‘metres’ or ‘units’).
Faces/Tris: 192 tile, 12 collision (20,176/20,392 total).
Vertices: 104 tile, 8 collision (12,784 total).

License: assets available on this page are royalty free for commercial, educational or personal projects with Attribution. In plain English;
YES: assets may be used or published freely with Attribution in (un)finished projects, as provided, or modified to suit purposes or functionality within such projects.
NO: assets may not be resold, repacked or otherwise monetised separate from any given (un)finished or (un)published project.

IMPORTANT: commercial use may be subject game author/publisher to third-party Copyright or Trademark claims.

CC Equivalent: Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International


Royalty-free lettered tile asset pack in Godot Editor
Lettered Tile set shown in Godot Editor stacked for visibility.

Download Godot Asset Pack (c. 6 MB | *.glb, *.tga, *.tscn) »


Royalty-free Lettered Tile asset pack in Unity
Lettered Tile set shown in Unity Editor stacked for visibility.

Download Unity Pack (c. 2 MB | *.unitypackage) »


Royalty-free Lettered Tile asset pack in Blender
Lettered Tile set shown in Blender 3D stacked for visibility.

Download Generic Pack (c. 4 MB | *.fbx, *.tga) »

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