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Want to learn how to make and design computer games or content for them but can't get to grips with online training courses or tutorials? Get in touch with KatsBits online support and we'll guide you through the process of game design or content tutorials. To find out more see below.

KatsBits provides free, premium unit or subscription based support, training services, educational material and resources to private or professional individuals, business, groups and/or studios large or small, looking to use, adopt, or capitalise on using Blender 3D within the context of game design and production or interactive content development.

Premium Blender Support

Two types of Premium Support Services are available; per-use sessions and/or frequent on-going subscriptions.

Premium Blender Training

Get up to speed with KatsBits Premium Training for Blender, available over the phone* and/or online VoIP or video**.

Free Support

Support is available free of charge on KatsBits forum where the community often answers questions and problems that arise.

How to get Blender 3D Premium Support or Training

Get in touch first and let us know what type of assistance you're in need of. We'll then get back to you with a date & time.

To request support, with no obligations, use support@katsbits.com or Skype "KatsBits" to find out which service is best suited to your needs.

General Terms and Conditions

  • * UK Land line. Check land line or mobile carrier rates and charges before calling. Line is available 24/7. Callbacks to UK land lines only.

  • ^ Voicemail is active 24/7 to ensure service availability.

  • **For most forms of support or training, or where what you are doing needs to be seen, Skype, other IM or Remote Support software with video and/or remote connection capabilities will be required. N.B. all support services require access to, at least, a stable broadband connection, Skype or other video/desktop sharing service.

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