User generated Content creation & game making tutorials for Blender and more...

Tutorials, training and educational resources for game making and development. Who needs school for game design when it can be done online!. Learn content creation, game art production, models, texturing, level design and more using Blender 3D.

Using the Blender tutorials and training available below, learn how to use Blender 3D for content creation, game making, design and development. Pick up essential skills for properly optimised models, efficient level design and texture making. In-depth, extensive and unique explanations of methods and principles you won't find anywhere else, seriously! Not just on using Blender 3D, but also the 'hidden' and less talked about core subjects associated with content and game development, all of if freely available to those looking for it.

Blender modeling tutorials ^

Social & Virtual World tutorials ^

  • Make IMVU furniture ( Blender 2.49)

    Making a terrain mesh with displace

    Learn the basics of making furniture items for IMVU using Blender 2.49a from start to finish (incl. source).

  • Get Started with Blender for IMVU

    Getting started with Blender for IMVU

    Essential guide to get started with Blender for IMVU. Valuable links, information and resources for budding Content Creator.

  • make IMVU furniture rooms

    Making rooms for IMVU using Blender 3D

    Shows how to make a simple furniture room for IMVU. Bone placement, texturing, UVW and more (incl. source).

  • Making IMVU furniture items

    Making furniture items for IMVU using Blender 3D

    An essential guide to using Blender to make IMVU furniture from start to finish and assembly in Create Mode.

  • animated pets for IMVU

    Making pets for IMVU using Blender 3D

    Learn to make a pet For IMVU using Blender 2.49. Where to position for different types of Pet, texturing and export (incl. source).

  • IMVU Creator hints and tips

    Exporting models from Blender to Frenzoo

    A page dedicated to some of the more common hints and tips for IMvu developing (content creation) when using Blender 3D.

  • Make opacity maps for IMVU

    Making opacity maps for IMVU products

    Learn how to properly set-up Opacity Maps in IMVU when the material system i n Create More fails.

  • Make an IMVU product bundle

    Making IMVU product bundles

    Following the simple steps outlined to make a proper IMVU (Content Creator) Bundle item containing other products.

  • Make furniture items for Frenzoo

    Making furniture items for Frenzoo using Blender 3D

    Learn to properly set-up models for export and conversion to Frenzoo. Includes sample file and textures.

  • Make rooms for Frenzoo

    Making rooms for Frenzoo

    Showing how to make, export and convert rooms and scenes for Frenzoo from start to shop upload (incl. source).

  • Converting IMVU to Frenzoo

    Converting IMVU products for use in Frenzoo

    Learn how to convert IMVU products made in Blender for upload and use in Frenzoo; clean up, convert, upload.

  • Frenzoo - convert *.dae to *.efa

    Exporting models from Blender to Frenzoo

    Making content for Frenzoo requires a couple of extra steps, this tutorial shows what they are and how it's done.

  • Frenzoo & dae to efa errors

    Exporting models from Blender to Frenzoo

    A 'list' of common errors and problems associated with exporting meshes from Blender 3D to Collada and conversion to Frenzoo's efa format from dae

Texturing related tutorials ^

idTech editing tutorials ^

Modelling tutorials for gmax ^

  • UVW's, textures & 'skinning'

    Skinning ir UVW unwrapping in gmax

    gmax support scene transparency but it needs to be set up correctly for it to work. The following explains how.

  • Export models to *.max

    Exporting models from gmax to Max

    How to export static models from gmax and import them into 3DS Max. Plus how to export to MD5 from gmax.

  • Export models as *.obj

    Exporting models from gmax as obj files

    Using a gmax Max script to export models from gmax as *.obj files for import into other 3D applications.

VIDEO Tutorials ^

RtCW editing & miscellaneous tutorials ^

  • RtCW NPC Basics

    NPC Basics for RtCW

    Learn the basic principles behind better NPC behaviour by changing one or two of their core properties.

  • props_flamethrower effect in SP

    RtCW and setting up props_flamethrower effect in single player

    Tutorial on using an entity chain to set up and activate the props_flamethrower effect in single player levels.

  • using an entity chain to kill AI

    Killing AI characters using an entity chain

    Tutorial showing how to kill AI in RtCW single player levels without scripting by using a simply entity chain.

  • Mak PAK, PK3, PK4 files

    Creating PK3 files

    There are a couple of ways to create PK3 or PAK files for games that understand the archived format. Learn how.

  • Target_smoke Steam effect - pt1

    RtCW steam effect in game

    Using target_smoke entity chains, a steam jet effect can be created in single player levels for RtCW.

  • Target_smoke steam effect - pt2

    RtCW steam jet effect

    Target_smoke can be used to create steam effects but how do these hurt the player? The following shows how.

  • end or change map trigger

    RtCW Single Play End map trigger

    To End or change a single player level the use of an 'end trigger' is needed. This tutorial covers their set-up & use.

  • Q3Map2 common error messages

    Common Error Messages lists some of the frequent errors and problems that crop up compiling levels with Q3Map2.

  • Tri-souping, solving z-fighting

    Tri-souping to solve z-fighting issues in games

    Tutorial goes over the difference between 'trisouping' and '3 point clipped' brushwork related to in game z-fighting.

Trackmania Nation tutorials ^

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