Download Game-ready maps, models, textures & Blender resources

KatsBits provides a number of different freely available downloads for use in games and game development, including maps and levels and game ready models and textures plus the odd raw source file or two.

Below is just a selection, there are too many to list on a single page, so click the links below and start downloading the files now.

Latest Maps & Game Levels

Custom MP/SP game levels

Mages Skull RtCW SP modKats Cradle Quake 4 MP levelkatdm3Tackmania Nations custom tracks

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IMVU Derivable Content

Derivable rooms and products for IMVUDerivable furniture items for IMVUDerivable Pets for IMVUDerivable clothing for IMVU

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General Information

Custom maps and levels include *.blend and *.map source files where avaiable.

Game ready low-poly models can be used as is, or converted where necessary. Includes *.blend source files where appropriate.

Custom game-ready textures in sizes between 128x128 up to 1024x1024. Perfect for 'mobile' game development.

Downloads are free and generally to be used for non-commercial, personal or educational use (non-profit schools) only. Where applicable take a minute to read through the copyright notice.