Game Making Import/Export scripts, tools & utilities for Blender, 3DS Max, Gmax

An up to date master list of useful import and export scripts, tools and utilities for game development, modelling, game making and interactive content creation using Blender and other 3D applications.

Files are listed by format and not application and may require supplimental scripts or file to operate fully.

How to install Blenders scripts

For Blender 2.49 or below;

For all versions 2.50 and above;

MD5 Importers, Exporters and Viewers ^

MD3 Importers, Exporters and Viewers ^

ASE Exporter/Importer .py scripts ^

Unreal Engine import/export scripts ^

3D chat and metaverse development sample files ^

  1. Files may contain third party design copyright material. They should not be used outside their intended purpose or environment, nor redistributed in any form.

  2. Currently only Blender 2.45, 2.49 or 2.63 or above are reasonably compatible with IMVU. For more information read "Getting Started with Blender for IMVU"

Reference Packs ^

Misc. Tools & Utilities ^

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