3D modelling import & export scripts, tools and utilities

An up to date master list of useful import and export scripts, tools and utilities for 3D modelling, game and interactive content creation.

Files are listed by format and not application.

How to install Blenders scripts

For Blender 2.49 +/-

For Blender 2.6 +/-

MD5 Importers, Exporters and Viewers ^

MD5 export script for Blender 2.63

Blender MD5 export 2.63: keless

Compatible with Blender 2.5Updated MD5 export script ported over for use in Blender 2.63 by motorsep. For support and bug reporting click here. For Installation and usage instructions click here.
Download >>

Blender MD5 export 2.62: keless

Compatible with Blender 2.5MD5 script updated/ported for use in Blender 2.62 only by motorsep. Click here for support and bug reporting. Click here for Installation and usage instructions.
Download >>

Blender MD5 export 2.59: keless

Compatible with Blender 2.5Updated MD5 export script for Blender 2.59. Exports *.md5mesh & *.md5anim. Please read the development topic for trouble shooting and general (known) problems. Installation & usage instructions. Archive: 2.54/52.56/7.
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Blender MD5 export 2.49: der_ton

Exporting models from Blender using the MD5 export scriptBlender export suite supports the MD5 formats: *.md5mesh, *.md5anim and *.md5camera. Previous version is available here. For tips on using Blender for game related modelling see the following tutorials.
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Blender MD5 import 2.49: der_ton

Companion script to the Blender exporter - current version 0.5. Imports md5mesh and md5anim files. Works with 2.45, previous version 0.3 available here.
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MD5 3D model viewer

MD5 Model Viewer 0.93a: der_ton

The definitive MD5 model viewer for inspecting static and animated MD5 meshes. Also has support for the ASE, OBJ and LWO model formats, very handy general purpose viewer as a result.
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3DS Max MD5 export: Berserker

An export tool for use with 3DS Max allowing export of custom models to Doom 3's MD5 format. Supports *.md5mesh, *.md5anim and *.md5camera.
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3DS Max import: Berserker

3DS Max importer for Doom 3's MD5 format. Supports *.md5mesh, *.md5anim and *.md5camera. Script was originally for 3DS Max v5 so may or may not work with more up-to-date versions. Test before project use.
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Gmax MD5 export: Berserker

A similar MD5 suite to the above 3DS Max suite; supports *.md5mesh, *.md5anim and *.md5camera. The script has a functional limitation present because of gmax's internal workings which requires output to the gmax 'Listener Window'. For small models copy/pasting the text from the LW isn't a problem but for larger models you may need to Listerner Window grabber below.
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XSi MD5 export: unknown

A suite of MD5 tools for use with SoftImages XSI 3D app.
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MD3 Importers, Exporters and Viewers ^

Blender MD3 export 2.63a: CoDEmanX

Compatible with Blender 2.60

updated version of the MD3 export script for Blender 2.63a. Zip file also includes a simple test sample file (provided by the guys at Kot In Action). [usage] [bug tracker]
Download >>

Blender MD3 export 2.53+: Xembie

Compatible with Blender 2.5Updated export only script for outputting models from Blender 2.53+ to the MD3 format. Check Xembie for latest updates for latest updates/versions.
Download >>

Blender MD3 import/export 2.42

MD3 import/export scripts for Blender 2.42 MD3 import & export scripts for Blender 2.42 (may work with versions up to 2.45 - test before use). For installation and general usage click here. Note: original MD3 exporter by Bob Holocombe is now archived. Alt download from XReal.
Download >>

Blender MD3 export 2.60a: Drek

Compatible with Blender 2.60MD3 script update for operation with Blender 2.60a. Script is not backward compatible, see below for 2.5+/- [usage] [bug tracker]
Download >>

Gmax MD3 export beta v 1.0

An improved version of Pop'N'Fresh's MD3 exporter plugin for gmax.
Download >>

3DS Max v6 MD3 export script

MD3 export script for Max v6.
Download >>

3DS Max 4.2 & 5 MD3 export v2.0.1

An improved version of Pop'N'Fresh's MD3 exporter plugin for 3DS Max.
Download >>


This zip file contains all the required files in one convenient package to view MD3 models. Supports animations and full model 'tags'. N.B. not fully support on Windows 7.
Download >>

ASE Exporter/Importer .py scripts ^

Blender ase export script for UT3

Blender ASE export UE3 2.49: spelunkarr

A modified version of the ASE exporter for use with UnrealTech editing so forced 'smoothing' is saved as 3DS Max style smoothgroups which remain intact when models are imported in to the Unreal Engine [original forum topic].
Download >>

Blender 2.41-2.43 ASE export: Goofos

Use this version of the blend2ase export script for Blender 2.41 and above (up to 2.43).
Download >>

Blender USMExport ASE: Doc Holiday

'Old Skool' ASE exporter originally for use with Unreal Tournament but equally usable as a general blend2ASE exporter. notes : models must be single mesh objects. Will only correctly export a single material. For more info on using this script read 'Prepping models for Doom 3.
Download now >>

ASE export for Blender 2.36: Goofos

Use this version of the blend2ase script with Blender 2.36 only.
Download >>

ASE - export for Blender 2.37a: Goofos

Use this version of the blend2ase script with Blender 2.37a (or above, see below).
Download >>

Download the Blender 2.5 ASE import/export scripts for 2.56

Blender ASE export 2.56: rich_is_bored

Compatible with Blender 2.5ASE import and export script for Blender 2.56. For installation information and usage details click here. Works for ASE export to UDK & UT3 (with some limitations) [archive 2.54].
Download >>

Import/Export 2.53 only: rich_is_bored

Compatible with Blender 2.5Import and export script for Blender 2.53 only. Does not work with 2.54+ so import ASE into 2.53, save and then open *.blend file into 2.54+ for further work.
Download >>

Blender 2.44 +ASE export: Goofos

New ASE export GUINew version 0.6.10b available for Blender 2.44 or above. Large meshes can be exported 'in place'. Previous version 0.6.9 (29 July 07) still available from here.
Download now >>

Blender 2.42/3 ASE import: Goofos

Script supports mesh, UVWmaps and vertex paint data (note: for legacy purposesd ASE Import for 2.41 is available here).
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Unreal Engine import/export scripts ^

Blender 3D export script for Unreals PSK and PSA model format

Blender *.psk and *.psa Unreal Engine/UDK export script: unknown

Python export script for Blender 3D that facilitate the export of animated meshes and models to Epic's UNreal Engines *.psk and *.psa format. Requires Blender 2.45 or above and appropriate installation of Python.
Download >>


3D chat and metaverse development sample files ^

  1. Files may contain third party design copyright material. They should not be used outside their intended purpose or environment, nor redistributed in any form.

  2. Currently only Blender 2.45, 2.49 or 2.63 or above are reasonably compatible with IMVU.

IMVU base avatar meshes

IMVU base avatar template

Blender file containing the base MALE and FEMALE avatar meshes without clothing mesh obstructions, useful for accessory production.
Download >>

Download sample file to make rooms for Frenzoo with Blender 3D

Blender samples for making rooms and scenes for Frenzoo: 2.48 or above

Sample file to accompany tutorial on using Blender 3D to make Frenzoo rooms and scene items. Includes avatar reference files for correct sizing.
Download >>

Blender tutorial source files for making Frenzoo furniture items: 2.48 or above

Frenzoo furniture sample file A set of Blender 3D files that accompanies the tutorial about making furniture items for Frenzoo using Blender 3D. Files can be opened, inspected, edited and used to make 'test' items in Frenzoo.
Download >>

Blender IMVU furniture and locked room examples: 2.45 or above (c.5MB)

Blender IMVU furniture templates/samples A set of 4 sample template *.blend files; two 'raw' and 'prepped' versions for 'locked' and 'furniture' rooms. 'Raw' sample file contains the separate componants for each type of IMVU room. The 'prepped' Blender files contain 'completed' rooms of both types ready to be exported.
Download >>

IMVU Hair & Head Accessory template

IMVU Hair & Head Accessory template

Blender prepaired file containing both the male and female avatar heads to aid making hair and head accessories.
Download >>

Download Frenzoo avatar reference model for Blender 3D

Blender sample files for making Frenzoo rooms and scenes: 2.48 of above

A set of avatar meshes for used as reference objects when making items for Frenzoo. Use to make sure objects are correctly sized ready for export.
Download >>

Blender IMVU pet template (2.45+/-)

Blender IMVU pet template fileTemplate file for making IMVU pet's and objects that use the locators placed around the avatar for that purpose. File includes two pre-rigged Armatures. NOTE: requires Blender 2.45/2.49
Download >>

Blender example file for making IMVU furniture items: 2.45 or above

Blender 3D IMVU furniture template file A Blender 3D file that has several ready-to-use components to allow easy and quick building of custom furniture items for IMVU; made with or without seating nodes.
Download >>

Blender example file for IMVU room & furniture seat nodes: 2.45 or above

IMVU avatar helpersContained in the Blender 3D file are a number of components that can be used as size, position and construct templates. Also available are OBJ versions of the files for import, use and conversion in other 3D applications that require base template units.
Download >>

Misc. tools ^

Blender 2.58 .map Entity Helper Kit

Blender 2.58 .map Entity Helper Kit

Compatible with Blender 2.5A .blend file comprising the core entities used for typical .map based level editing using Blender 2.58. Includes "ammo_", "func_", "weapon_" and others. Note item are placeholders only and not converted into actual entities. (File also includes version for 2.49).
Download >>

Blender 2.5 hotkey chart

Compatible with Blender 2.5Download Blender 2.5 hotkey layout chartKeyboard chart mapping basic hotkeys for Blender 2.5. Download high-res PDF or PNG. A blank also available as high-res PDF and PNG so custom hotkey maps can be printed.
More Info >>Download >>

Blender 3D reference blocks steps

reference blocks - a series of simple step modelsCompatible with Blender 2.5A series of basic steps for use as reference when making models for use in BSP type games incl. Radiant, UDK based games & level editors. Standard "8" unit high steps (*.blend Blender file only).
Download >>

Q3Map2Toolz: HrO

Download Q3Map2ToolzThe essential tools for compiling Quake 3 based games and content. Used also to export and convert brushwork into ASE models for reuse in game.
Download >>

Power of Two Tester (PoTT): Shaderman

Power of Two Tester (PoTT) applet check contents of folders for non-standard (power of two) sized images allerting user to and listing 'bad' image files. Supports *.dds, *.jpg, *.png and *.tga.
Download >>

xNormal normal/AO/parallax generator

Constantly improving tool for generating normal maps, ambient occlusion and parallax displacement maps. Can be used for any game that supports the output. Requires .NET 2.0 on Windows XP machines (Web site link).
Download >>

GMax 'Listener' script: Berserker

As mentioned above, use this script to 'grab' text from gmax's 'Listener' output window. It's necessary because gmax has a locked limit on the amount of information you can grab from the listener in one go which forces you to do several copy/pastes running the risk of missing sections of the file.
Download >>

ATI Catalyst uninstaller

Please Note : the current version of the Catalyst drivers don't necessarily require this tool as it's included as part of the installation process. Your PC system will want to reboot after uninstall, Windows XP will prompt for drivers on reboot. You can 'cancel' this request and install new drivers properly.
• Download >>


A infamous and all too frequent 'missing' DLL file associated with many games. Download and install to the location your problematic application is saying it should be.
Download >>

Download Blender 2.5 UDK/idTech reference pack

UDK/Blender 2.5(n) reference pack

Compatible with Blender 2.5Reference pack containing mesh objects in various sizes - 1282, 2562, 5122 and 10242 - useful for Unreal, UDK, idTech and Radiant type game technology.
Download >>

Blender 3D & *.OBJ reference blocks v2

Compatible with Blender 2.5reference blocks - includes sizes up to 1024x1024Contains *.blend & *.obj files for level design & content models for BSP type games - idTech & UDK etc. incl. 1x1, 2x2, 8x8, 32x32, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, 512x512, 1024x1024 & generic NPC.
• Download >>

Blender 3D size reference blocks

Compatible with Blender 2.5A set of blocks used as reference objects for model size when making BSP type game assets. Includes NPC (RtCW), 64x64, 128x128 and 256x256 unit blocks. Blocks actual size and represent same sized in editor brushes. RtCW NPC block is approx to other idTech games.
Download >>

CrazyBump generator: Ryan Clark

CrazyBump grayscale to normal map converterConsidered by many as the tool for making normal maps from 2D art work. Although no longer free (there is a 30 day trail) it is the one application that is worth investing in for serious artists, especially if normal maps are a required part of the content creation process. Various licences are available - 'Education', 'Personal' and 'Professional' - note that Crazybump is the same regardless of licence.

q3map2 2.5.16_win32_x86.zip

Final version that was released to the public of ydnars much improved Q3Map2 compiler for use with games running on Quake 3 engine or that can use Quake 3 colpiled BSP files. File is provided 'as is'.
Download >>

QuickGamma 0.1.1: ydnar

An essential tool for serious game and content development. Restores gamma correction back to 1.0, often used when game media is run full-screen. Setting QuickGamma up so it run at startup prevents or limits this adjustment.
Download >>

ATI's 'Compressonator' DDS tool

ATI's Compressonator DDS image processorIf you're editing games powered by the Doom 3 engine then you'll need this particular version of the tool because later versions removed the specific filter used by Doom 3 to correctly compress normal maps to DDS. For information on how to use the tool read the creating DDS textures tutorial.
Download >>

DirectX uninstaller

To accompany the Removing DirectX article on the use and abuse of DirectX. Use at your own risk - it does work but you may find side effects if there is no DirectX API installed on a system as the Windows OS uses it. You should reinstal the version of DirectX that came with your OS installation disc. e.g. Win98/DX5, WinXP/DX7.
Download >>

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