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[IMVU] Importing IMVU products into 3DS Max

Q: How do I import IMVU products into 3DS Max?

A: You can't, not directly. Max (and pretty much all other 3D applications) can't read the XML based *.xsf, *xmf, *.xrf and *.xaf files that constitute CAL3D.

If you're trying to import a mesh you have on your computer that was made in another 3D applications, the only options available are to export to *.dae (Collada) or *.dxf (or some other format that supports rigs and animation) to see if you can import mesh, skeleton and animations into Max. Or use *.3ds, *.ase or *.obj if you just want to bring in the mesh, UVW map and material data. Once done, the product will need to be reconstructed in Max and re-exported out to CAL3D from there.

Posted 10 Jul 2009 by kat
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