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[support] Installing Bisoncam NB Pro webcam

Not strictly related to game editing but this webcam caused so many problems trying to instal it that the fillowing info may be useful for others.

Bisoncam NB Pro's often come attached to laptop screens as inbuilt million pixel cameras and although they appear to work fine on initial operation under both Windows XP and Windows Vista you may find that on updating the OS or other drivers/software that the camera simply refuses to show any picture; often displaying just a grey image field the "grey-screen-of-death"; Windows will recognise the device and won't throw up any errors as such so there is no real indication of an issue. There is though and it's caused by how Bisoncam NB Pro drivers are loaded onto the system.

If you have problems with your Bisoncam NB Pro/350 camera try the following (it's a bit fiddly but worth a try if other things haven't worked);

  • Remove/uninstall any software associated with previous incarnations of Bisoncam NB Pro - drivers and app. You may need to shut down and reboot after doing this.
  • On reboot XP/Vista will find the new hardware and ask for the driver disk, so load the BisonCam NB Pro driver utilities disk that came with your laptop (or other hardware) and let Windows find the drivers automatically. You may need to reboot after doing this.
  • Once drivers are installed try the cam, it should be recognised by XP/Vista and although it'll display the grey-screen-of-death, it won't report any errors.
  • Install the actual Bisoncam NB Pro/350 application; XP/Vista will still show the grey-screen-of-death but it, again, won't report any errors with the cam itself or Bisoncan NB Pro software. You may need to reboot.
  • Once this is done you need to reinstall the drivers. To do this go into Device Manager (right click "My Computer > Properties > Hardware (tab) > Device Manager (button)) and find the entry for "Bisoncam NB Pro" under "Imaging Devices". Double click to open the "BisonCam NB Pro" devices properties sheet, click on 'Drivers'.
  • On the drivers page click "Update driver..." and go through the installation process - leave/replace the utilities CD from earlier in the CD/DVD drive and let XP/Vista find the device drivers automatically; it should find and overwrite the previous drivers without showing any errors or the "failed to update, drivers already the latest". You may need to reboot.
  • On doing this you should find the BisonCam NB Pro now works when initiated.
Posted 10 Aug 2007 by kat
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