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[Morrowind] failed to load snowflake: MeshesBM_Snow_01.nif

On installing Elder Scrolls: Morrowind the following error message occurs which results in the game dropping back to the desktop.

failed to load snowflake: MeshesBM_Snow_01.nif

The "failed to load snowflake: MeshesBM_Snow_01.nif" error usually occurs when re-installing Morrowind on top of a previous old install of the game where some, parts or the whole of the previous install is still in place - including custom modifications. The error occurs due to a problem with (one or more of) the *.ini files used by the game to store setup and preference data; if one of these files is saved incorrectly the game 'breaks'.

In the case of the Game of the Year (GotY) edition of Morrowind the suspect file is usually one that is saved when the expansion packs - Tribunal and Bloodmoon - have been previously installed but where the re-install is for Morrowind only; on running the game it expects to find the expansions in place, if this is not the case it errors out with the message above.

How do I fix failed to load snowflake: MeshesBM_Snow_01.nif?

A full installation is usually all that is needed, but it may also require you to move and/or delete any custom content so the reinstall is into a clean and empty folder (or create a new folder and install the game into that). Once installed custom morrowind mods can be replaced one at a time.

Posted 12 Apr 2007 by kat
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