Kat’s Basket – kat_q4dm2 Quake IV (+source)

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The article below was originally published some time ago and now remains online as an informational resource and archive.

Kat’s Basket – kat_q4dm2 Quake IV (+source)

The following download is a custom multi-player level (map) for Quake 4

Map Info

  • author – Ken ‘kat’ Beyer
  • rel’ date – July 06
  • name – Kat’s Basket
  • pk4 file – map-kat_q4dm2.pk4
  • game – FFA, Tourney
  • bots – *see info below
  • info – Multi Player map using custom textures, sounds and models. Also includes a new ‘lava’ texture and custom jump-pad models (available separately soon). Gameplay for both FFA (Free For All) and Tourney (Tournament) play. Set in a ‘cave’ system with a main atrium and several adjoining sub rooms. Quake 4 needs to be running the latest patch – currently 1.2 at time of writing – to run this map correctly as it uses the new ‘addon.conf‘ system which isn’t compatible with default Quake 4 of any updates prior to 1.2.*note : The map has been BotClipped and prepared for use with Bots, although currently only available via 3rd party Quake 4 custom bot use, SABot for example. Unfortunately no guarantee can be given with regards to playability using 3rd party Bots because of the implementation differences that may occur within each Bot ‘mod’.
  • weapons – RL, LG, PG, LG, SG, MG (default)


Listed below are various download locations where the file is available, please note that some file mirrors may require sign up before download is available. Compatible with Quake 4 post 1.2 update.


Kats Basket One of the side 'chambers'

One of the side ‘chambers’

Kats Basket Looking across the main atrium

Looking across the main atrium

Kats Basket Lava pits

Lava pits

Kats Basket Source

There are two *.blend source files included in this package;

  • katq4dm2_v90_source.blend
  • katq4dm2_77_source.blend

The final Blender file used in the actual map was number at ‘90‘, there are 90 version’d files of this map; each time something ‘major’ happened a file version was saved as a ‘checkpoint’. It’s important to get into the habit of doing this.


katq4dm2_v90_source contains the final model segments as they were in their final state before being exported and used in the final Quake 4 map. Some general notes are as follows;

  • The current working file does not show this but each section was textured appropriately to the Quake 4 material/texture image it had in game; the current files uses the same editor image for everything to make it the UVW mapping clearer

  • Vertex painting has been used so Quake 4’s texture blending system will work on the eventual ASE mesh. Colours have to be restricted to black or white, grey being the difference between the two.

  • Compared to earlier versions of the model, it’s composed of fewer section because a number of them were connected back into larger objects that roughly correspond to the portal placement in the final Quake 4 map.

katq4dm2 v90 Blender source

katq4dm2 v90 Blender source


katq4dm2_77_source has been included to show the general ‘topology’ of the map. The model is also in it’s original state of segmentation – which were later ‘condensed’ into fewer numbers. Some general notes are as follows;

  • At this stage of development (about 2/3rd of the way through) the model is left in it’s quadrangle state (not broken back into triangles) so that the general ‘edgeloop’ topology (flow) is left intact to show how they describe the layout of the model, making the map easier to see.

  • The model is on the higher end than would ordinarily be used from a polygon count point of view, this was deliberate to see how far the Quake 4 engine could be pushed without effecting the FPS frame rate too much.

  • As this is an earlier version of the model the UVWmapping is noticeably different to v90 above, texture choice had yet to be finalised so it’s scaling relative to the main ‘rock’ texture had not at this stage been decided.

Wireframe in Blender
'Solid' mode in Blender
Vertex painted texture mode in Blender

katq4dm2 v77 Blender source showing ‘Wireframe’, ‘Solid’ and ‘Texture’ mode in Blender

Download Source

[total size c.1.8MB KB]. File contains – 2 x *.blend files and 1 x 512×512 *.TGA editor texture (texture may need to be reassigned to the materials covering the model).

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