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FBX files, videos & tutorials for Blender & IMVU
September 13, 2017, 08:34:45 PM by kat
 FBX tools for IMVU content creation

To find out how to make items and products for IMVU using the new, easy to use NODES system that dispenses with Armatures and Bones, check out the following tutorial and video links.


FBX Tutorials, Videos for Blender & IMVU

General FBX
- How to import FBX files into IMVU | Video | Transcript
- IMVU FBX import Scaling | Video | Transcript

Furniture & Rooms
- Make IMVU furniture items using Nodes | Video | Transcript
- Avatar poses for furniture using Nodes | Video | Transcript
- Make animated furniture using Nodes* | Video* | Transcript*
- Make furniture Rooms for IMVU using Nodes* | Video* | Transcript*

Misc. FBX
- Using Paint 3D for IMVU | Video | Transcript
- Make my first mesh - a Pumpkin* | Video | Transcript

Avatars, Accessories & related
- Make custom animated Avatar poses | Video | Transcript
- Make custom Avatar clothing* | Video* | Transcript*
- Make Pets using Nodes* | Video* | Transcript*
- Make an earring accessory | Video | Transcript*
- Make a handheld accessory | Video | Transcript*

(items marked * are coming soon)


I: Starter files for Blender 2.79+/- (*.fbx, *.blend)

The below files will be updated as the accompanying FBX resources become available (official starter files are available here). Downloads include Blender IMVU skeleton, Blender IMVU female (and male), both of which can be used to make IMVU clothing in Blender, poses and more.

Important: the resources provided below may include content Copyright IMVU or other Parties and may not be used or distributed outside their intended purpose.

- Furniture: standard furniture | furniture custom pose spots | animated furniture
- Room: standard room | custom room pose spots | animated room
- Accessory: standard accessory | animated accessory
- Avatar Pose: avatar female | avatar male | avatar pose | avatar action | couples pose
- Clothing/Avatar: standard clothing | avatar replacement
- Shapekeys: avatar | furniture | room

- SketchUp: furniture reference | furniture example
- Hexagon: furniture reference
- Daz3D: furniture reference
- Paint 3D: furniture example
- Cinema 4D: furniture reference

II: Starter Files for Blender 2.8+ (*.blend)

IMPORTANT: Blender 2.8 presents a number of additional challenges for IMVU content creation than previous versions of Blender. For more on using Blender 2.8 to make IMVU content click here. Starter Files are available for both female and male clothing, accessories, poses, shape keys, furniture and furniture rooms - a number of examples are also available.

- Download Blender 2.8+ IMVU Starter Files


When using other 3D software to make content for IMVU some testing may be necessary to check the integrity or compatibility of the FBX file for IMVU use and/or correct for scale/size issues. This can be done using the following tools from Autodesk;

- FBX Review
- FBX Converter 2013

Use FBX Review to open the FBX file in a 3D viewer to check the file and make sure the mesh appears intact.

Use FBX Converter 2013 to convert FBX files exported from different applications into a compatible version for IMVU use - open file into converter ('Source' [left side]), choose a save location then convert using "FBX 2013 (Compatible with Autodesk 2013 applications and 2013 FBX plug-ins)" as the Destination format ('Destination files' [right side]).

Load the FBX file into the tools [1] and set the save location [2]. Select "FBX 2013 (Compatible with Autodesk 2013 applications and 2013 FBX plug-ins)" as the Destination format and make sure "Binary" is set as the "FBX Save Mode" [4]. Finally click "Convert" bottom-right [5].

Getting to grips with Blender, the Basics
October 17, 2017, 12:13:39 AM by kat
Blender can be intimidating at first glance so watch these beginner friendly videos to get a basic overview of the Interface and other aspects of the program.

An overview of Blenders interface.

An overview of Blender keyboard and mouse controls (navigation).
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An introduction to Blender for IMVU Creators (PDF)
November 19, 2017, 02:50:36 AM by kat

Adobe Readeror similar PDF reader/viewer is needed for this content .

Learn how to use Blender 3D to make content for IMVU
A basic introduction to, and exercise in, using Blender to make a simple stool furniture item with seating for IMVU. See attached below for project file (members only). See here for completed (submitted) item.

Additional Resources
For detailed "How to..." instructions go to "Make IMVU Furniture using Nodes".
 - Project file/s - KatsBits - Wonky Stool Project
 - Starter file/s - download Blender/FBX starter files for IMVU here.
Re: Blender for IMVU Newbs - make a simple stool (PDF, c.10MB)
December 08, 2017, 01:37:36 AM by kat