Free IMVU credits, & how to make items for IMVU (Content Creator Program)

Free IMVU Credits and Content Creator resources

IMVU is a 3D Chat service and game platform with User Generated Content at its core. A dedicated minority of the user base makes content for the majority to purchase from a Catalogue using 'Credits', IMVU's virtual currency. The "Content Creator Program" boasts the "largest virtual world catalogue of items available anywhere".

Free Credits

IMVU's economy runs on a virtual currency called "Credits". Each Credit is worth around $0.0001 so $10 US (other currencies supported) will purchase 10,000 credits that can then be used in the catalogue to buy clothing, accessories, furniture, rooms and more. Free credits are also available and can be earned doing offers or other activities. They too have similar purchasing power to normal credits and can be used in the store to purchase the same items.

Content Creator Program

IMVU's massive catalogue is created largely by its Users making unique meshes, textures, skins and many other item. Once signed up to the Creator Program, verified Users can add to the catalogue by making products in 3D Studio Max and other supported software, including Blender 3D, in which its possible to make rooms, furniture items and various types of accessory, IMVU pets, hair, clothing (boots, hats), jewellery and even avatar poses and avatar animations (advanced users).

Earning an Income in IMVU

IMVU's creator program was originally promoted as a 'business' opportunity. Subscribers then and still today, are able to earn an actual income (of varying degrees) by making items that are sold to fellow Users through the online catalogue. Credits earned from sales can be resold back to IMVU in exchange for real money (typically dollars but other currencies supported subject to approval).

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