Make derivable IMVU products

The following list of derivable rooms, furniture, clothing and pets is for IMVU and its Content Creator Program, made using Blender 3D (2.45, 2.49 or 2.63 or above).

You'll need to use IMVU 'Create Mode' to make products for upload and sale in the IMVU Catalogue. If you're new and don't know how to make IMVU products then visit the Education Center, read the IMVU Blender tutorials on KatsBits which will show you how to make rooms, furniture and pet based products or read the "Getting started with Blender for IMVU" guide. All the items listed below (and more besides) have been made for IMVU using Blender 3D. Find out more about IMVU here.

IMVU rooms product list ^

Click a link below to see the details for each of the linked IMVU room products. Please note that an IMVU account is required to view the following custom content - a basic account is free.

Legend: items marked bold are derivables - flat textured items published specifically for deriving. Due to the number of items available not all are listed below.

IMVU rooms +derivable +Texture downloads (more?)

Product Name Derivable? Textures
Abandoned Alley Abandoned Alley (D) Texture Map/s
Abandoned Railyard Abandoned Railyard (D) Texture Map/s
Ace of Clubs
Ace of Diamonds
Ace of Hearts Club
Ace of Spades
Flaming Hotchilli Club
Arched Basement (D) Texture Map/s
Apartments (D) Yes Texture Map/s
Arched Basement (D) Yes Texture Map/s
Asteroid Base Asteroid Base (D) Texture Map/s
Asteroid Base (D) Yes Texture Map/s
Basement Club    
Basement II (D)   Texture Map/s
Bottom of the Barrel    
Candy House   n/a
Castle Dungeon Cell  
Candycane Gingerbread House   n/a
City Apartments City Apartment (D) Texture Map/s
Club Valentines    
Clinic (white)    
Clinic derivable (D) Yes Texture Map/s
Dancehall (D) Yes Texture Map/s
D-Day Beach D-Day Beach derivable (D) Texture Map/s
Deserted Island    
Empty Bar Area Empty Bar Area (D) Texture Map/s
Empty Small Apartment Apartments (D) Texture Map/s
Gone Fishing    
Green Fields
Desert Dawn, Desert Dusk
Desert Oasis
Arabian Nights Desert
Arctic Ice Sheet
Lava Field
Terrain Derivable (D) Texture Map/s
Garden Grotto Room    
Halloween House (dev diary)    
Halloween House Limbo    
Hoar Frost Cemetery    
Hope St.Clare clinic Clinic (D) Texture Map/s
Iceberg Island    
Lava Gods Cavern    
Luscious Lips Club (D) Yes Texture Map/s
Little Walled Garden    
Moonlit Romance Garden    
Mouse Hole    
Mystics Hollow    
Mystics Hollow    
Passion Club UFO Love Club (D) Texture Map/s
Pink Casino
Warehouse Dance Club
Warehouse dance club (D) Texture Map/s
Rapunzels Tower    
Riverside Cottage Riverside Cottage (D) Texture Map/s
Sexy Sunrise Island
Sexy Sunset Paradise
Tropical Island Paradise
Tropical Island (D) Texture Map/s
Simple Single Apartment City Apartment (D) Texture Map/s
Snowy Starry Night    
Snowglobe Snowglobe (D) Texture Map/s
Starry Night Grove    
Starry Night Room    
St.Johns Street Clinic (D) Yes Texture Map/s
Subway Dance Club (D) Yes Texture Map/s
Swamp Island   n/a
Tennis Court   n/a
UFO Love Club (D) Yes Texture Map/s
Velvet Underground Small Restaurant/Club (D) n/a
Witches House   n/a
Winter Cemetery    
Winter Hollow    
Zombies Cemetery    
n/a = not applicable/not available

IMVU furniture items (more?) ^

Product Name Derivable? Textures
Asteroid Dome (Lrg) Asteroid (lrg) (D) Texture Map/s
Asteroid Base (small) Asteroid (sml) (D) Texture Map/s
4th July Picnic Table
World Cup table (ENG)
Biscuit Table (D)   Texture Map/s
Bookshelf tall wood Bookshelf tall (D) Texture Map/s
Bookshelf short full Bookshelf short (D) Texture Map/s
Bookshelf tall mid Bookshelf mid tall (D) Texture Map/s
Bookshelf short mid Bookshelf mid short (D) Texture Map/s
Bookshelf corner full Bookshelf corner tall (D) Texture Map/s
Bookshelf corner short Bookshelf corner short (D) Texture Map/s
Captains Chair (D)   Texture Map/s
CD case (flat) (D)
CD case (upright) (D)
Yes Texture Map/s
Condo (L) (D)
Condo (R) (D)
Yes Texture Map/s
Square Coffin Derivable Coffin (D) Texture Map/s
Floating Flower 1 (D)
Floating Flower 2 (D)
Floating Flower 3 (D)
Yes Texture Map/s
Green Screen (wall) (D)
Green Screen (floor) (D)
Yes n/a
Ginger Cream Couch Biscuit Couch (D) Texture Map/s
Large Mausoleum Mausoleum Derivable (D) Texture Map/s
Cemetery Mausoleum (sml) Mausoleum small (D) Texture Map/s
jazzKat's Mug Mug (D)
Texture Map/s
Ruined Pillar (9) Broken Pillar small (D) Texture Map/s
Ruined Pillar (8) Broken Pillar small (D) Texture Map/s
Ruined Pillar (7) Broken Pillar medium (D) Texture Map/s
Ruined Pillar (6) Broken Pillar small (D) Texture Map/s
Ruined Pillar (1) Broken Pillar medium (D) Texture Map/s
Sofa small (1u, long)
Sofa small (1u)
Sofa medium (1u)
Sofa medium (3u)
Sofa medium (1u, long)
Sofa large (1u)
Sofa large (2u)
Sofa large (3u)
Simple Chair (white)
Simple Chair (light)
Simple Chair (purple)
Simple Chair (red)
Simple Chair (green)
Simple Chair (blue)
Simple Office Chair (D) Texture Map/s
Simple Bed Bed simple low (D) Texture Map/s
Black Swan Gondola Swan Gondola (D) Texture Map/s
Table made from biscuits   Texture Map/s
Tombstone (No.1)
Winter Tombstone #1
Tombstone 1 (D) Texture Map/s
Tombstone Broken (No.4) Tombstone 1 broke (D) Texture Map/s
Tombstone (No.2)
Winter Tombstone #2
Tombstone 2 (D) Texture Map/s
Tombstone (No.3)
Winter tombstone #3
Tombstone 3 (D) Texture Map/s
Cemetery Cross Tombstone Cross (D) Texture Map/s
Cemetery Cross Broken Tombstone Cross broken (D) Texture Map/s
Street Lamp (olde worlde)
Winter Streetlamp
Witch House lamppost
Street Lamp (flame) (D) Texture Map/s
World Cup picnic table    
Writing Desk small (D)   Texture Map/s
WW2 British Cromwell (D) Yes Texture Map/s
WW2 British Churchill (D) Yes Texture Map/s
WW2 British M5A1 (D) Yes Texture Map/s
WW2 Panzer II (D) Yes Texture Map/s
WW2 Universal Carrier (D) Yes Texture Map/s
n/a = not applicable/not available

Derivable Pets for IMVU ^ (more?)

Product Name Derivable? Textures
Tomato 'Joker' Tomato (D) Texture Map/s
n/a = not applicable/not available