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Advertising on You can advertise on KatsBits in a creative and meaningful way by sponsoring a linked article on games, gaming or any subject associated with interactive media and have it listed on site. You can also link sponsor news items and tutorials which get a much better penetration into the readership than simple image adverts can do (which go largely ignored by the web 'savvy' users).

General Demographics

KatsBits core user base are dedicated amateurs and professionals, individuals and groups, whose demographics cover "gaming", "entertainment", "education" and "technology". We have 'sponsorship', 'subscription' and 'paid placement' programs that benefit you being linked from historically Page Rank rated content cumulatively increasing in bound link value which results in a return of investment that's much higher than traditional advertising avenues and mediums.

Contact KatsBits to discuss what you needs you have and find out how you can take advantage of advertising in a unique environment on one of the most highly respected, regarded and long-standing sites in its field, with a targeted 'savvy' demographic.

Available Options & Sizes

Text links

link text: Your link text
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Image 150W x 90H

150x100 advertising

Image 300W x 90H

300x100 advertising

Article or Blog post

Article and blog post slots are also available but are required to be related to 'Content Production' - for example sponsored links may be placed within text on how games are made, how game services are set up and run, running a game related business etc. In other words material that provides the reader with information relevant to them, and within context of the services KatsBits currently provides its users. For more details get in touch -


Rates for placement are per-month. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Current Term and Conditions.

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