Frenzoo 3D chat, content creation & cheap gold coins

As of early 2013 Frenzoo Chat ceased operation with the company focusing on MeGirl and other ventures.

Frenzoo is a 3D avatar based chat service that allows its users to make their own content, products and items. It has a relatively accessible creator program to which users can submit clothing, items and other objects either made with Frenzoo's own creator tools, or created with external software like Blender 3D - which can currently make rooms and scenes for Frenzoo, Frenzoo furniture items as well as other non-avatar based accessories. With a bit of cleaning it's also possible to 'convert' content from other 3D chat services for use in Frenzoo - IMVU for instance.

Frenzoo sleeping bunny

Many creators look to 3D chat worlds like Frenzoo as a 'business' that can earn them some extra 'loose change'. Treated as such, a 'business opportunity' (as many metaverse service are these days), content creators get 'paid' by exchanging Frenzoo coins, earned through the sale of their items, into real money through the use of third party resellers (see below). However, whilst it is an 'opportunity' for many to earn extra 'pocket money', creators should consider it more worthy of their efforts in that specific regard when pursued as part of a wider portfolio of 'business involvement' development and content creation in other 'worlds'.

Free or cheap frenzoo gold coins

As mentioned above, Frenzoo's currency are called "coins" which can be bought directly from Frenzoo itself or from resellers - you can read the most up to date Frenzoo reseller list where you can buy coins at a reduced, or cheaper rate than from Frenzoo itself. Needless to say... only buy from trusted resellers or Frenzoo coin resellers that have been 'vetted' or at least tacitly approved to resell coins on the cheap.