Support Options

KatsBits provides a number of support options offering different degrees of help, assistance or advice for content creators and Blender users. The follow resources are generally free (an account or membership is typically required to use/posting) and are responded to when time permits.

Free Support options

- Community Forums | free (forum account required to post).
- Disqus Comments | free (Disqus account required to post).
- Live Streams | free (service accounts required to post in live chat).
- Email ( | free (valid email required).
- Facebook, Twitter | free (social media account required).

Voice/Video support

- Skype (KatsBits) | free (Skype account required).
- BBM (KatsBits) | free (BBM account required).
- Discord (KatsBits/Kat#6600) | free (Discord account required).

1-to-1 Support/Mentoring

For 1 to 1 support, private tuition or mentoring, contact to discuss your needs and to book a session or organise a schedule. Flexible rates are available for students, military and individuals on assistance.