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  • DMCA what is it

    DMCA 'take-down' and 'counter' notices and what to do about them

    DMCA is a framework protecting Copyright interests through 'take-down' and 'Counter' Notices. Here's how.

  • Game Design School, is it worth is?

    Games Design School, is it worth it?

    Going to school, any school, to improve prospects is a significant and serious undertaking. But is it worth it?

  • How to find freelance 3D work

    Where to look and how to find freelance 3D work and jobs [image courtsey]

    Finding a freelance job or work is relatively straightforward. Getting it on the other hand, depends on other factors.

  • How much to charge freelance 3D work?

    How much should I charge for freelance or contract 3D work

    Article on the implications and practicalities of working as a freelance 3D artist and how much should charged for work.

  • Artists block & solutions to get over it

    Artists block and solutions to get over it

    Artist block has to be the most perplexing aspect of being creative. How best to manage and overcome.. Read on.

  • Wolfenstein review

    Wolfenstein review

    A second opinion of id softwares latest in the 'Wolfenstein' IP as developed by Raven and published by Activision.

  • Dungeon Runners dungeons list

    One of the 'fire and brimstone' dungeons from Dungeon Runners

    Finding it hard to keep track of where the dungeons are? This list of dungeons, their offshoots & important NPC's will help.

  • Making of Age of Conan

    The making of Age of Conan; an interview with Chris Jensen

    Interview with lead "Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures" world designer discussing the games general development.

  • Conan's Radiant adventures

    Using GTKRadiant during development of Conan Hyborian Adventures

    Discussion with MrLyCon, level designer on "Conan : Hyborian Adventures", and their using GtkRadiant during development.

  • Oblivion quests and item locations

    Mages Guild rewort flower

    Discover solutions to troublesome quests - the Mage's Guild suspension, redwort & dragons tongue, Unicorn and others.

  • Oblivion Easter egg & hidden item

    Frost Giant easter egg face

    The unusual items and features of Oblivion uncovered, including the infamous suicide troll and Dorian money cheat.

  • Oblivion game play hints and tips

    Oblivion game play hints and tips

    List of some of the things to watch out for when playing Oblivion - 'stat grow', things to look out for, plus other hints and tips.

  • Oblivion performance & FPS tweaks

    Oblivion performance and FPS tweaks and tips

    A number of hints and tips to get better performance from Oblivion when running the game on low end computers.

  • Review Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

    Elder Scrolls Oblivion review

    A review of another genre defining game from Bethesda Softworks as a continuation of the Elder Scrolls saga.

  • Location of Skills trainers in Oblivion

    A list of some of the more common locations for skill trainers in Oblivion.

  • Review Doom 3 a mini review

    Doom 3 a review

    The follow is an assessment of Doom 3 and how the new game engine plays on low end PC systems.

  • Review Medal of Honor

    Medal of Honor - Pacific Assault

    A review of the latest "Medal of Honor game; Pacific Assault". It's pretty brutal brutal.

  • A Question of Character

    A question of character

    Why do some players take exception to being beaten by a female character? Or is it all in the mind?

  • Review Vampires Masquerade Bloodlines

    Vampires the Masquerade: Bloodlines. A review

    Could have been a good game, based on Valves Source engine, and could have made an excellent interactive experience.

  • ATI

    A. T. I. One word, three letters.... I have seen the future and it shaped like that little red and white logo thingy they use..! A friend recently bought the kick ass, pint in glass, 64MB DDR Radeon; I never saw it, he'd put it into his machine as soon as he got it (duuhhh.!).

  • Quake 3 Aimbot

    I 'happened' upon a game the other day where someone was using an 'AimBot'. Now, I've heard the 'folklore' and 'tales' and read articles about them but I'd never actually come across one.

  • Setting up basic server & map rotation

    Quake 3 Sever set-up

    Learn the basics of setting up a Quake 3 Arena server for online or lan play - options, properties and optimisations.

  • Optimise low speed connections (dial up)

    Optimise low-speed connections (dialup)

    Still using 28/33/56k (analogue) modem access to the web?. Optimise the limited connection for better performance.

  • Optimising network settings

    Optimising network settings

    Learn to optimise network settings to increase performance and get better connectivity to the 'Net.

  • Spyware

    Yes I know this isn't quite a Quake 3 Arena matter but I just know you're gonna be interested in this one non the less.

  • Review Team Arena

    Review Quake 3: Team Arena

    The Team Arena mission pack is future-proofed - at least for the next 6 months - as it needs one heck of a system spec!.

  • Removing DirectX pt 1

    Removing DirectX

    On older machines DirectX does not always play ball. In such instances it often has to be completely uninstalled to fix the issue.

  • Removing DirectX pt 2

    Removing DirectX

    Myst III Exile might run better if DirectX 8 were installed. And that where the problems started.

  • Adding and removing bots

    This applies to adding bots from the game server only. If you are running a non dedicated game (a normal game) it's best to use the 'in game' menu ('Esc' key if you're already playing a game) to add/remove bots.

  • Name Change & alt nicks

    A question of character - is a Rose not a Rose by any other name?

    '..what's in a name? Is not a rose a rose by any other name...' to miss-quote good ol' Shakin'Spear!.

  • OpenGL setup

    An important thing to do that's often overlooked when trying to get the best performance for Q3A out of your on the installation disc.

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