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Gingerbread Part V: Video
(Video walk-through - no narration)

Make a simple animated Gingerbread character in Blender

Detailed video walk-throught showing the process of making the simple Gingerbread character from start to finish. From loading in the background image to constructing the mesh, on to Materials and UV maps, before then rigging and finally creating a simple walk cycle animation

In Part V of Make a simple animated Gingerbread character the entire process is shown from start to finish in video format. From first loading up a background image on to using that as a guide to make the character through to assigning Materials, UV mapping and Texture assignment before then preparing for rigging, generating an Armature and then finally animating a simple 'walk' cycle.

Video Information ^

Duration: c. 67 minutes.
Narrated: No.

Chapter list ^

Times are approximate.

  • 00:20 - load background image (guide)

  • 01:30 - blocking out basic shape

  • 03:20 - adding loop-cuts for shaping

  • 04:20 - shaping (first pass)

  • 07:00 - shaping (second pass)

  • 09:00 - basic optimising

  • 15:00 - materials [1]

  • 17:00 - UV Unwrapping [2]

  • 36:00 - smooth shading

  • 38:00 - rigging (adding Armature)

  • 49:30 - vertex groups

  • 55:00 - basic Inverse Kinematics (IK) [3]

  • 58:00 - animation (walk cycle) [4]

  • 65:00 - playback

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