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[IMVU] Composite SkinsEdieMaye75060
[Unity] Fantasy asset pack for maps, levels, environmentskat06587
Blender Head ShapekeysEdieMaye102878
Head Morph Animating / AvatarsEdieMaye82450
[IMVU] Lighting problems with hair meshJhaeza12319
[IMVU] Intro to Blender for IMVU Creators (transcript & translation)kat168586
An introduction to Blender for IMVU Creators (PDF)kat13354
[imvu] Using UV map as textureJhaeza277092
IMVU Problem exporting wall furnitureAndrew Bailey123257
Removing stubborn Orphaned data from Blender fileskat04087
[Blender] where has the "VBO" setting gone?kat07266
[Blender] manage Scenes/objects using Group and Parentkat04851
[Unreal][U1] Exporting .T3D files from Blender to UnrealAsaeis Wi Vio119292
[Blender] copy/paste data or objects between Sceneskat04492
[Blender] reliable basic ASE importkat05334
Basic lighting in Blender (simple 3-point lighting)kat03930
[Unity] fixing Blender model rotationkat59525
[IMVU] How tall are IMVU Avatars?kat06662
Circular Reference in Texture Stack errorkat09475
Missed opportunities with Blenderkat14235
Basic Shape Key animation in Blender (for IMVU)kat110877
Simple Edge Bevel in Blender 2.63kat08455
Render SketchUp like scenes in Blenderkat47480
[CoD] xmodel and xamin export script for BlenderCoDEmanX39050
Distortion UVW unwrapping a cylinder (Blender 2.49b)ACDmvmkr310146
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