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[IMVU] Composite SkinsEdieMaye7132
Blender Head ShapekeysEdieMaye10510
Using IMVU avatar helper as sample can not be textured.JanXuan10403
[IMVU] Pose TroubleshootingEdieMaye5640
[IMVU] Lighting problems with hair meshJhaeza1503
Using Cinema4D for IMVUkat0385
An introduction to Blender for IMVU Creators (PDF)kat1956
[IMVU] My first mesh - a simple pumpkinkat0806
[IMVU] How to make custom avatar poses (Blender FBX)kat01494
FBX files, videos & tutorials for Blender & IMVUkat43679
Coming Soon: IMVU FBX Importer for Blender kat02393
[IMVU] understanding FBX import scalekat0830
[IMVU] Importing FBX files into IMVU Create Modekat01023
[IMVU] Easy furniture Pose/Seat Spots using nodes (Blender FBX)kat0710
[IMVU] Easily make furniture using nodes (Blender FBX)kat0761
[imvu] Using UV map as textureJhaeza273650
IMVU Problem exporting wall furnitureAndrew Bailey121358
[IMVU] How tall are IMVU Avatars?kat04355
[IMVU] Pose animations for IMVU?appel12932357
Blender 2.68? New content creator for IMVUNilly115319
IMVU tail accessory overview in Blenderkat54367
Basic IMVU tutorials?nightwinggt13347
[IMVU] filing a DMCA Notice or Counter Noticekat019290
IMVU (re)naming armature bones in Blender (2.45/49)kat04456
IMVU joining armatures in Blender (2.45/49)kat06547
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