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[IMVU] Lighting problems with hair meshJhaeza1152
An introduction to Blender for IMVU Creators (PDF)kat1396
[imvu] Using UV map as textureJhaeza272310
IMVU Problem exporting wall furnitureAndrew Bailey121069
Removing stubborn Orphaned data from Blender fileskat0873
[Unreal][U1] Exporting .T3D files from Blender to UnrealAsaeis Wi Vio114944
[Blender] copy/paste data or objects between Sceneskat01958
Basic lighting in Blender (simple 3-point lighting)kat01723
[Unity] fixing Blender model rotationkat55440
[IMVU] How tall are IMVU Avatars?kat03530
Missed opportunities with Blenderkat12492
Simple Edge Bevel in Blender 2.63kat06681
[MD5] EXPORT script for Blender 2.6x (OPEN)keless227140013
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