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[IMVU] Studio Beta Creator Tool looksee

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Duration: c. 1 hr 50 mins (01:50:00).

Description: in this video (Live recorded Twitch stream, may include off-topic chat), we take a look at the new creator tool for IMVU, IMVU Studio Beta. It's still in early development stages so there's a lot being done to it but Creators now have access to some interesting features, namely Normal and shininess maps and a different way to work with opacity (more on these topics to follow). Download IMVU Studio Beta here.

- Clothing Starter file.
- Learn to make a basic skirt clothing item for IMVU using Blender 2.8+.
- For more on creating item for IMVU see IMVU Basics tutorials.

Twitch Alternatives
 - IMVU Creatoring Hangout - Studio (new creator tool)