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Author Topic: [IMVU] Make IMVU jewelry ring box accessory (Beginner Friendly) (LIVE!)  (Read 1352 times)

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In the videos below recorded live on Twitch, jazzKat walks through the process of making a very simple hand held jewellery (jewelry) ring/gift box accessory in Blender using four cubes that are then textured, positioned and then exported to FBX for import and assembly in IMVU. Recorded live on Twitch (may include off topic comments and conversation).

Beginner Friendly

Steps summary
- Delete default cube so no materials are available (optional)*.
- Add a new Cube - Add » Mesh » Cube.
- Add new Material (plus Texture and Image).
- UV unwrap cube - Mesh » UV » Reset.
- Duplicate Cube to make bow - Object » Duplicate Objects.
- Make 'bow' Material (plus Texture and Image).
- UV unwrap and edit UV map.
- Append to Accessory Starter File - File » Append.
- Assign Vertex Group and Parent to Armature.
- Export - File » Export » FBX (.fbx).
- Import and assemble.

note: * as the default Cube has a pre-assigned Material so the object was deleted to better reflect what is more likely going to be the case; a mesh being added to the scene without Materials, requiring their generation.

Source files

Twitch version

YouTube version (note: there may be audio/video synchronisation issues with videos converted from Twitch streams)


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