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Mages Skulls
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 Closure and final resting place

The Mages Skull website is now being hosted directly on KatsBits. To download the file see below;

Download Mages Skulls »

 more RtCW single player map goodness..!

If you're looking for more single player maps for Return to Castle Wolfenstein then look no further and check out the following, all by your favourate minimod maker info@katsbits.com


 MagesSkulls reviewed..!

MagesSkulls was recently reviewed over at MapCenter, for the skinny and to see why it got 80/100 pop over and take a look.

 56k friendly files..!

Finally here are the *.ZIP files split by hand (damn auto spanning do-hickies) and 100% 56k download friendly. They're self extracting exe archives so all you need do is just point them to the correct folder and extract.

If you have any problems setting up the files leave a message on the forums.

 file mirror RtCWFiles..!

DetPak @ RtCWFiles posted the scoop and info for a couple of download mirrors on thier network

news post and download links

 file mirror TramDesign..!

Tunnelram @ Tram Design sorted out another file mirror, this one goes via fileplanet

MagesSkulls from TramDesign

 finally released ..!

Ok. The bugs have been fixed and the files uploaded. Check this forum topic for the latest download locations. The files are currently only *.rar archives (WinRar), read thru the forum post for installation instructions.

Must mention a couple of guys that I owe a beer..! Eraser, sock, Demonspawn, PizPot, KoS and his forum crew. Special mention to NigelC without whose script & story help Mages Skulls wouldn't have got finished.

 all done..!


You can grab the files from the links listed below or check the forum to access the latest download sites and file mirrors. The files are all self extracting *.exe zip archives.


Don't forget to check the info page out for some background on the maps and the walkthru page for screen shots and details of where to find the secrets placed around the maps.

 update - progress ... >kat<
We got thru the 1st beta test without any major problems, just a few tweeks here and there that solve some gameplay related issues (for the better..!), so if all goes well, should be releasing soon.

 screen shots...episode2 ... >kat<
Work has slowed a little over this new year period (too much eating, drinking, TV...) but to keep you going here are some screenies from 'episode2'. They're quite dark again so if you can't see much click the text links below for gamma corrected version (1.35gamma)...

shot5   shot6   shot7   shot8

gamma corrected 5
gamma corrected 6
gamma corrected 7
gamma corrected 8

 update - Nov... >kat<
second weekend session of coding and mappin'..! We managed to get alot done, most to do with some features important to the game & gameplay. The storyline has been refined (reason for being) which will help the voice work and we're about done with episode1. Once the current tweeks are done it's onto voicing the cast and alpha testing... it's getting close..!

 update - Nov... >kat<

phorrr..! 1st big 'session' spent on the mod (2.5 days solid flew past). Managed to get the base design sorted out for the general interface - it'll look familiar - took a bit longer than expected but we got it sorted. Also managed to figured out how to get some of the main game related features working properly that had been puzzling us for sometime.

Optimized map work a bit more to get smoother bot play and did some general work on the voice scripting...!

We didn't seem to do much, but on reflection we covered a lot of material that had been wanting for some time.. we've now got a better ideas as to what still needs to be done, so the ETA is one step closer (still not sure when that will be mind you ..! "when it's ready..!")

 screen shots... episode1 ... >kat<
Some screen shots from the upcoming SP map 'episode1'. They may be a bit on the dark side as the setting for the map is night time...


gamma corrected 1
gamma corrected 2
gamma corrected 3
gamma corrected 4

 forum... >kat<
just set up a forum catagory so y'all can post comments if you want to. Click the link above..

 new site... >kat<
woohoo..!! the new RtCW site goes live... it means we're getting close to the 1st Single Player map release. The site may be a bit empty at the moment but hopefully some screen shots will be posted soon.