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 news update - kat

Now Available


Okay, the RtCW single player map that was to be Generator SP has been put on hold for the foreseeable future. After a recent review of the map a number of things came to light about it that that couldn't be ignored or corrected without a total rebuild, which would require too much time to undertake, so the sad news is it's engines all stop for this map project.

 news update - kat
Just letting you know, Generator is still being worked on but it's paused for a while to fix a problem with another RtCW SP map, details on that soon(ish).

There should be some new sceenies coming up soon by the way (this week hopefully).

Also added a link to the forums incase you feel the need to leave an extended comment that won't fit into the shoutbox, it has it's limitations that thing...!
 development shots- kat
A couple of screenshots for you of current progress showing various areas of the map. RtCW goodness!
the 'passing point'  Generator single player RtCW map (unfinished)
Generator single player RtCW map (unfinished)  Generator single player RtCW map (unfinished)
Generator single player RtCW map (unfinished)  Generator single player RtCW map (unfinished)
 new site goes live..! - kat
Finally uploaded the new site didicated to the latest Return to Castle Wolfenstein custom Single Player miniMOD map (phew, bit of a mouthfull that..!) 'generator' - not to be confused with TramDesigns 'DeGeneration' MPmod (keep up the good work guys..!).

Over the coming weeks and months the site will be updated with info and screenshots about this new RtCW SP map, which right now is being scripted. Hopefully into the new year some closed beta tests will be done before the final public release, which is aimed for sometime in March/April. There's still quite a bit to do.

It's not been setup yet but a 'shoutbox' will be added to the left hand side so you can easily and quickly leave comments/notes/greets/etc...
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