Generator RtCW Single Player map

Generator single player mod for RtCW

The following download is a custom Single Player mod for Return to Castle Wolfenstein (RtCW)

RtCW SP map details

  • author - KatsBits (kat)

  • web site -

  • rel' date - April 2014

  • name - Generator

  • pk3 file - spkat5* (see below)

  • game - RtCW single player (patched to 1.32 for SP)

  • bots - n/a

  • info - A single player 'mini' MOD add-on for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Also includes various re-usable assets that can be used in other modifications. Download and extract contents to a folder called "spkat5" in the primary game directory - it should contain several files including a *.bat file and two pk3 archive. To start the mod double-click the BAT file. (For more information visit the Generator micro-site).

  • weapons - n/a

Download locations

single c.20MB file - *.zip archive

Generator single player RtCW level


Generator single player RtCW level


Generator single player RtCW level