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 Closure and final resting place - kat

The Castle Keep website is now being hosted directly on KatsBits ( To download the file see below;

Download CastleKeep

 CastleKeep single player goes live..! - kat
Finally castlekeep single player map for Return to Castle Wolfenstein has been released. Check the downloads page for the latest file mirrors and download locations where the file is available.

Want to mention some names on the front page by way of saying big thanks to a few chaps who had some input on this little RtCW project; sock, ydnar, ratty rademtion, KoS, Sedric, PizPot, Tunn, DetPak, Exender, Megaman, DemonSpawn and anyone else I've forgotton to mention...

Forgot to mention the *.map file is included for anyone wanting to have a look at how RtCW single player map stuff is setup, so long as you drop the pk3 into the relevant 'main' folder the assets should appear ok, although the RtCW single player specific entities may be missing, depending on what game version of GTKRadiant you've got.
 screenshots from the final beta - kat
Getting closer to release so now's as good a time as any for you guys to see some new screenshots from this RtCW SP. You can see all of them on the info page but a couple are linked to below.. enjoy
click for larger image click for larger image click for larger image
 changes..! - kat
The map's undergoing a few changes to make it more interesting from the point of view of just wondering around, it should be more of an exploritory experience now and really adds to the atmosphere of the map as a whole (thnx to sock for some interesting brainstorming sessions..!), some updated shots to come soon.
 some adjustments & final beta - kat
The fog has been thinned so you can see more of the map at any given moment, helps with the 'wow' factor that Demonspawn suggested was missing with the much thicker fog. Works much better now. The map is also slightly brighter but not so much as it spoils the 'spooky' mood and setting. New shots below & on info page.
click for larger image click for larger image click for larger image
I've also including the map file, the ASE files of the 2 rock models and the lantern model used in the map for anyone that wants to look at or use. Oh almost forgot there's also a new rock texture included as well - more of those to be released soon.
 more info & screenshots- kat
the map is just going through a quick beta test to make sure everything is there, so in the mean time some more info and screenshots have been added expanding on the basics below, enjoy.
 map update..! - kat
arghhhh...! finally figured out why some of the events weren't working; the accums hand't been set correctly so they were cancelling out before the triggers could fire...

Should have the map uploaded soon(ish)
 new site goes live..! - kat
Another Return to Castle Wolfenstein single player map is on the way, 'Castle Keep'...!

It's really just a 'sample' map put together to test how functional using ASE models are for rock formations (the central 'pillars' of rock are models) when combined with 3 point clipped brushwork; seems to work quite well so far.
click for larger image click for larger image click for larger image
Anyways a couple of development shots are posted above so you can see what's going on..!

Oh and it's night, it's foggy and you're surrounded by water, lots of it....
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