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Quake3Bits - RtCW SP maps - RelicHunt
Quake3Bits - RtCW SP maps - RelicHunt
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 Closure and final resting place..

The Mages Skull website is now being hosted directly on KatsBits. To download the file see below;

Download Relic Hunt

 walkthru added..
A walkthru of this RtCW Single Player map has now been added to the site so if your having problems doing certain things take a looksee and read through it to see if helps you out. If you're still stuck after reading it you can send mail direct to KatsBits
 relichunt is finally done..
RtCW single player map RelicHunt is finally available. For info and download locations take a look on the 'downloads' page. More file mirrors will be added as they become available.

There are a couple of names that need mentioning on the front page for their assistance in one way or another whilst this single player map has been in production...
sock, ydnar, demonspawn, EMSIPE and der_ton.
Thanks guys.
 final series of beta tests done..!
Ok, so just a note to say that hopefully the very final beta test has been done and providing there is no missing or currupt media, Relic Hunt RtCW SP, should be released at some point this week. The final stages of tiding this episode up have taken longer than expected but hopefully not to the detriment of the map. Watch this space...
 screen shots are up..!
Still sorting the files out for some final beta testing before actual release, in the meantime posted below are a some screen shots showing some of what you'll see in this new single player 'minimod' map for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. There are a couple more on the info page so go check them out.
Click to see larger image Click to see larger image Click to see larger image
 new site goes live..!
Welcome to the new home of another RtCW single player minimod brought to you in association with KatsBits. Featuring, zombies, evil axis treasure hunters and of course, a hero (no this ain't Raiders of the Lost Arc, although that did cross my mind).

Over the coming weeks the site will be updated with info and screenshots about the map, which right now is being beta tested, so stay tuned.
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