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Quake3Bits - RtCW SP maps - RelicHunt
Quake3Bits - RtCW SP maps - RelicHunt
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 download info...
download from local http
relichunt.exe @ 8.2MB
- This is a self extracting zip archive so which will selfextract to a default location. You don't need winzip or other archive software to use this file. @ 8.2MB
- You will need Winzip or similar archiving application to extract this file.
 download info...
there's no download info available at the moment as the mod isn't yet complete or released. Check back here or watch the home page for news.
 installation info...
exe install
Double click relic_hunt.exe the self extractor will open with a default installation path already highlighted, this is C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\spkat4 by default, and click the 'Unzip' button. The archive will now be installed to that location. Change path to your installation location if not at C:\.

zip install
Open archive in WinZip (or similar program) and extract the files into your root RtCW folder (do not install into the folder called 'main' as the files won't work).

rar install
Open archive and extract into your root RtCW folder, this is typically C:\Program Files\Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

general notes
in all cases you should end up with a new folder created in your installation of RtCW called 'spkat4', this is where the minimods files are.

running the mod
to run the mod find the file called 'relic_hunt.bat' in the spkat4 folder, double click this and the mod should start. You can copy this file onto your desktop to create a shortcut to the mod (a graphic icon has been provided if you want to change the default image allocated by windows - right click > properties > change icon).

troubleshooting and problems
see contact details on info page.
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