Relic Hunt RtCW Single Player map

Relic Hunt single player mod for RtCW

RtCW SP map details

  • author - Ken 'kat' Beyer

  • rel' date - September 04

  • website -

  • name - Relic Hunt

  • pk3 file - spkat* (see below)

  • game - RtCW Single Player

  • bots - Yes

  • info - A single player 'sample map' 'mini'MOD add-on for Return to Castle Wolfenstein containing a single map.

    MISSION 1: Relic Hunt
    Part 1: acquisition

    We've just recieved word old Gerry is up to no good again and has found the location of an ancient holy relic believed to be the remains of King Ferdinand 1, 'Good King Ferdinand' as the locals called him. Needless to say we need you to 'acquire' the object by whatever means necessary. Good luck.

    Note: please see the Relic Hunt website for more info on the minimod. For installation instructions click here. A 'Walk Through' is available here.

  • weapons - n/a

  • website - Relic Hunt

Download Locations

Single file [c.8MB]

Relic Hunt

The 'Crypt'

Relic Hunt

Guarded Entrance

Relic Hunt


Relic Hunt

Chamber of Chalice