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Quake3Bits - RtCW SP maps - RelicHunt
Quake3Bits - RtCW SP maps - RelicHunt
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This page may take a while to load as it contains over 20 or so images, so 56k'ers and below be aware.

The key to Relic Hunt is to look around as it's not quite the fragfest that one could expect. A couple of the objectives are hidden from casual view so you'll need a keen eye.

Having said that if you have problems completing this RtCW SP map then have a look through the following as it outlines key elements to the map.
start point
take a look in the back of the truck. It's not quite a 'secret' but what you find will come in hand.
which way did he go?
once past the gate you've got basically two directions you can go, the most obvious is up onto the wooden platforms. You can't get to the ladder directly so use the various crates to hop/jump to it.
upper walkway
two directions; one to some goodies the other to the main tomb entrance...
2 buttons?!
you'll find that right now the door won't open, you need to find a way in or something to 'unlock' the door.
dig site
the gate to the dig site is locked and you haven't got the key, the only option is to climb over it somehow. Use the crates to jump up to the fence and climb over.
Press the detonator to blow the door and allow access to the inner tomb... tool up on any ammo and health before you enter..!
there's a 'secret' wall panel button on the right hand side of the 1st room, press that and the gate will open; be aware the main door shuts locking you inside the tomb for now..!
can't get past
exit the 1st room and go up the stairs, the doorway to the right has a broken gate beyond which you can see a button that needs to be pressed. Throw a grenade at the gate to blow it up and press the button...
... which open the gate on the other side of that room (now behind you). Go through and up the stairs.
can't find t.. oh there it is
in the dark recess of the upper stairs room is a lever, pull that down to allow access to the antechamber.
been here before
back down to where that button just you pressed to open the gate is. To either side is an archway leading to the same doorway.
ooo, what's this?
the end of either side passage brings you to the entrance to the anti chamber. A heavy gate blocks any further access but there is a button on the wall to the left behind the ceiling support pillar.
what do these do?
3 button objective. A button at the back of each archway 'unlocks' the main entrance buttons (back along the wooden walkways at the start of the map) so when they are now pressed the door will open allowing access into the final chamber area.
can't get out, gates are locked
pressing the button at the back of the big coffin will unlock the gates and allow you to continue.
wine cellar??
follow the stairs down into the curve vaulted 'cellar'. There's a gate at the end which looks to be a way out...
.. but it's nothing but a fiendish trap..! But, there is a way out, a secret way. Shoot out the wall on the tomb to your right to reveal a secret passage.
oh no, blocked again..!?
not quite. Use a stick of dynamite to blow a hole in the wall, the crack indicates a weak spot. Pull the lever to...
... reopen the entrance door, it remains locked so you can't get out unless the lever is pulled.
good job that ladder was there.!
use the ladder to get back over the still locked gate. Jump down onto the crates otherwise you'll damage yourself jumping down from that height.
back to front
make you way back to the start area and back up onto the wooden walkways. Grab any ammo and health you find along the way.
new area?
having completed the previous objective and pressed all 3 buttons the main entrance is now unlocked so pressing the buttons on either side now open the door (if they don't, check to make sure you have the little grey 'notebook' icon bottom lower right, if it's there then the objective was completed. If it's not there then you need to go back and make sure all 3 buttons are pressed to properly complete the previous objective).
pit of death
follow the passage from the entrance to find a new room with a 'puzzle' that needs to be crossed. There isn't a way to bypass this one so it'll need a good sense of timing to get safely across (distance is to great to jump). There is an autosave point at the start of this room btw..!
relic room
two buttons on either end of this plain looking piece of stonework need to be pressed in an attempt to open the sarcophagus doors.. But it's a trap, no-one's ever made it in this far and it would seem the earthquake you set off has just blocked your only way out (and others from getting in). A crack has appeared in the door though... perhaps....
... you can place a stick of dynamite at the door and blow it up. There might be a way out? But in doing that you've disturbed the guardian of the relic; there's no going back now.
need.... health.. must..
the keeper of the relics will pound and batter you so this little cache of health may help; break open one of the two tombs to reveal a handy booster.
that was easy peasy.. not..!
once you've dispatched the keeper the prize your after is there for the taking. Pick up the relics...
... but what's this? Have you set off another trap..!? The floor collapses to reveal what looks like the tomb the keeper came from. Drop down and look at the floor, drop a stick of dynamite down there and take cover (get out of the hole before you drop the dynamite in case you blow yourself up trying to climb out)
that's the exit?!
but it's a long way down and it's dark..!? Oh well Jeronimooooooo..!
the end.!
well that's it. I hope this walk through helped you complete the map and pointed out one or two things you might have otherwise missed. If you've got any comments you can post them on the forums or send them via e-mail KatsBits.
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