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[IMVU] Poses in Blender - alternative to Deliverances Pose Sticker

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With the End Of Life for Flash now meaning all web-based flash content is disabled and unusable, Deliverances Pose Sticker no longer works either. For avatar pose creators this means having to use alternatives. In the video live stream above (may include off topic chat) we take a look at using Blender 3D, both Blender 2.83 LTS and Blender 2.9+, and the Alternative Pose Starter File, to make a simple avatar pose that's exported to FBX and then brought into IMVU Classic and IMVU Studio in turn.

 - KatsBits - Coof Pose source/project file | c. 3 MB (*.blend, *.fbx).

Topics covered
 - Blender quick overview
 - Basic Pose creation
 - FBX export, import & Action assembly for Classic
 - FBX export, import & assembly for Studio

Additional Resources
 • Starter Files
 • More about Blender
 • More on Making Poses