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[IMVU] clothing & fixing clipping issues in Blender

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Duration: c. 1 hr 30 mins (01:30:00).

Description: in this video (Live recorded Twitch stream, may include off-topic chat) , with the pleated skirt already weight painted, when imported and assembled in IMVU the underlying avatar body part (pelvis) clips through in certain areas. Ordinarily this can be fixed adjusting weight painting and vertex group assignments as well as modifying the skirt mesh to allow more room for proper deformation and articulation during animation, but this can introduce other problems as a result. For newer versions of Blender (2.8 and above).

- Clothing Starter file.
- Learn to make a basic skirt clothing item for IMVU using Blender.
- For more on creating item for IMVU see IMVU Basics tutorials.

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