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[IMVU] Make Toilet Paper Furniture w/ Custom Pose

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Description: using Blender 2.82, in this video the Furniture Starter file and Alternative Starter File for Poses to make a furniture item (toilet paper seat/throne) with a custom Pose. First a roll of toilet paper is made and UV mapped with a pre-existing image. This is then duplicated to make a seat from a pile of toilet roll. Once made the seat is brought into the Pose File using Append and used as a reference for the avatar. Everything is then exported to FBX and assembled in IMVU.

For more on creating custom poses see the IMVU Basics tutorials.

Note: Live recorded Twitch stream. May include off-topic chat.

Duration: Parts I & II c.2 hr 00 mins (02:00:00).

Twitch Alternatives
Part I - IMVU Hangout [1] - Toilet Roll Throne
Part II - IMVU Hangout [2] - Toilet Paper Throne + Poses