Author Topic: Basic Shape Key animation in Blender (for IMVU)  (Read 13469 times)

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Basic Shape Key animation in Blender (for IMVU)
« on: November 27, 2012, 02:31:19 PM »

In this short video we  learn the basics of using Shape Keys to make a simple furniture item, a couch, animate without the need to make a complicate skeletal sequence. A basic understanding of Blender is required and the latest IMVU export scripts.

General Notes
Shapes Keys are an interesting way to create animated objects for IMVU without needing a skeletal *.xaf file. First create a mesh as normal, it must be made as if it were to be exported to IMVU following the normal procedures (this will vary slightly depending on the type of project being produced so check the Tutorial page for further information). Parent it to an Armature object. Select the mesh and in "Object Data" set up a set of "Shape Keys" and deform the mesh to your liking per-Shape Key reference in Edit mode. The mesh should then have a corresponding 'shape' per a corresponding 'Shape Key'. In the "Dope Sheet" Editor, change to "Shape Key Editor" and insert keyframes at the Widget by changing the values associated with each Shape Key listed. Export making sure to select "*.xpf" ('Morph' file). Assemble in Create Mode.

Essential files
Project files are available below - note that IMVU *.chkn files may not work as they are typically user specific (associated with a particular account).
- Couch furniture item (PID 16810088)

Further Reading
The following links and information augment the IMVU furniture 101 Workshop video above.
 - Getting started with Blender

Installing the IMVU export script
 - Unhiding system folders...
 - - for Windows Vista/Windows 7
 - - for Windows XP
 - Setting up Python Path variable

Post support questions on this video below. For 1to1 support contact

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Re: Basic Shape Key animation in Blender (for IMVU)
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2012, 03:03:27 PM »
Thanks for the comment but a lot of what you've mentioned isn't relevant for IMVU exporting which is why it's not mentioned in the video. The exporter requires the use of Relative Keys.

[EDIT]the above is in reply to a user removed post.


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